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5 Gore-Tex Sneakers That Are Ready for Absolutely Anything

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Adam Cheung
November 21, 2022

From light drizzles to heavy storms.

The weather here in Southeast Asia is truly unpredictable. One minute we could be basking in glorious sunshine, and the next we'll be experience a typhoon so serious that we just don't know what to do. To prepare you for the latter, we've hand selected five Gore-Tex infused sneakers that are ready for absolutely anything. From Air Jordan 1s to New Balance 2002Rs, there's something for absolutely everyone here no matter your taste or personal sense of style. What's more, all of these pairs are all available right now at Ox Street. If you see any other pairs that you think should have been on this list, make sure to let us know over on Instagram and don't forget to follow us as well for the best content that the Asian sneaker community has to offer!

Shop the Air Jordan 1 High Element Gore-Tex "Light Bone" at Ox Street

Air Jordan 1 High Element Gore-Tex "Light Bone"

Originally released back in 2021, the Air Jordan 1 High Element Gore-Tex "Light Bone" has very quickly become one of the most sought after Jordans, especially during the wet and windy months. While it might look like another classic AJ 1 from a distance, underneath the premium leather it's fitted with industry-leading Gore-Tex technology, making the ready for absolutely anything.

Shop the N.HOOLYWOOD x INVINCIBLE x 2002R Gore-Tex "Navy" at Ox Street

N.HOOLYWOOD x INVINCIBLE x 2002R Gore-Tex "Navy"

While it might not look like a sneaker that you'd wear to tackle the elements, the N.HOOLYWOOD x INVINCIBLE x 2002R Gore-Tex "Navy" was born ready. A rare three-way collaboration between the Japanese, Taiwanese, and American brands, this acts as a sequel to 2020's "Grey" color scheme, and it's arguably the better of the two. With engineered mesh and hairy suede paneling, get these in your collection ASAP.

Shop the BEAMS x ASICS GEL-Kayano 14 Gore-Tex "Mosquito Net" at Ox Street

BEAMS x ASICS GEL-Kayano 14 Gore-Tex "Mosquito Net"

If, like us, you're based in Southeast Asia, then you'd be well-versed in using mosquito nets, and this season, these handy devices act as the inspiration behind the BEAMS x ASICS GEL-Kayano 14 Gore-Tex "Mosquito Net." Made in collaboration between the two Japanese labels, this has got to be one of the most unique sneakers that we've seen this year. We're also really digging that bright red buckle setup.

Shop the UNDERCOVER x Nike Air Force 1 "White" at Ox Street

UNDERCOVER x Nike Air Force 1 "White"

Even though the wet and windy months are officially here, that doesn't mean you should compromise on your "Triple White" sneaker game. That's why we think that you should add the UNDERCOVER x Nike Air Force 1 "White" into your everyday rotation this season. Infused with Jun Takahashi's motorcycle-inspired aesthetic, this is crafted from premium leather across the board and equipped with Gore-Tex within.

Shop the Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex "Off-Noir" at Ox Street

Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex "Off-Noir"

And last but not least, we have the Air Jordan 5 Gore-Tex "Off-Noir." While these were made exclusively in women's sizing, that shouldn't stop some of you from securing a pair. Crafted from buttery suede throughout, the only pops of color that you'll find here include the creamy mesh paneling and the fiery red accents that set the fighter jet-inspired Air midsole alight.

Adam is a writer and editor specializing in sneakers and style. Over the past few years, he's curated features and guides for fashion publications across the globe, winning multiple awards along the way. Often travelling between the UK and Hong Kong, don't be too surprised if you find Adam anywhere else around the world taking street photography or feasting on the local delicacies.