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Australian Sneakerhead and Content Creator: Jeremiah Espiritu


Hapsari Listya
October 2, 2022

Started collecting sneakers since 2017, Jeremiah @jespiritu_ following sneaker game as not for the hype, but because he loves to make new friends along the way. As he loves neutral tones, he also loves to match his sneakers with loose fitting cargos or jeans with an oversized tee!

Could you share a bit about your secret origin story? (Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you start loving sneakers, what you do/hobbies etc.)

So I got bitten by a radio-active Nike Air Force 1… HA! But, My name is Jeremiah Espiritu, I’m 27, living on the Gold Coast, Australia. I have to say I’m more of a new sneakerhead - I started collecting sneakers in 2017 & the shoe that made me a sneakerhead was the Nike Airforce 1 x CDG x Supreme, from there I got crazy invested into sneakers, sneaker culture, outfits etc. I love going on sneaker photography adventures, I love watching the Miami Heat and NBA games & I love playing NBA 2K.

I work as a Social Media Account Manager, Content Creator & I also am a Podcast producer/engineer.

All images via @jespiritu_

What's your current favorite pair of sneakers?

My current favourite pair of sneakers has to be the, Nike LD Waffle x Sacai x Fragment ‘Grey’. I won these in a raffle for retail, the first time I’ve hit on a grail pair!

What drew you to this particular pair of sneakers?

In 2019 when Nike x Sacai first dropped the ‘Waffles,’ I was like — damnnn those shoes are insane. They literally broke down two seperate designs of two vintage Nike runners and re-created an entirely different sneaker. I obviously missed out on that pair when it came out, but I was lucky enough to score the Nike Sacai x Blazers. So, when they released details about a Fragment x Sacai collab on these, I knew I had to get them!

What’s your personal sneaker collecting philosophy?

Great question!!! I’m fortunate to have been able to make so many sneaker friends along the way & each person has a different philosophy… Something a friend said to me that stuck out was, “Just go for sneakers that you ACTUALLY love.” Super simple statement but when you’re inspired by so many sneaker influencers and you see them shooting the latest sneaker, YOU want that… So to hear, go for sneakers that you ACTUALLY love - it was a weight off. It meant to go for quality over quantity.

Your dream hype sneaker you wish to acquire but don't have so far.

Where do I start? I swear I always say, “once I get this sneaker - I’m done.’ But I feel whatever sneaker I say, there will be another one… HA! So… three sneakers I absolutely want to acquire would be — Air Jordan 1 Chicago (85’s or Spiderman’s), Travis Scott x Fragment (Highs), and would love the Nike Air Yeezy 2 - Pure Platinum.

What's your day-to-day style like?

My day-to-day style starts with sneakers. Whatever sneaker I feel like wearing, the rest of the outfit will follow. I mostly wear neutral tones - only because for work if I'm out and about shooting, I need to be somewhat conscious that what I wear doesn’t reflect too much. So with that said, usually an oversized tee, loose fitting cargos, jeans or pants, sneaker that compliments.

Where can people find you on social media?

You can find me on Instagram: @jespiritu_

Tik Tok: @jespiritu_

and also on YouTube search: Jeremiah-Paul Espiritu

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An ailurophile who loves bake cookies and listen to indie music!