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Get Cashback At Ox Street With Shopback


Billy Lee
August 22, 2022

More savings on your favorite grails

Shopback x ox street

Get rewarded with cashback when you shop at Ox Steet. Ox Street is excited to announce our partnership with Shopback. Shopback allows you to earn cashback on your favourite sneaker grails! More savings on your next sneaker purchase at Ox Street. Currently, Shopback is applicable in the following region:

-> Australia -> 3.5% Cashback
-> Singapore -> 2.5% Cashback
-> Philippines -> 2.5% Cashback
-> Taiwan -> 2.5% Cashback
-> Hong Kong -> 2.5% Cashback

We are consistently working with our partner to bring you better deals. Visit magazine.oxstreet.com for future deals!

What is shopback?

Shopback is a cashback reward program that is available for everyone to sign up. They are available as a browser plugin and a mobile app that is used to confirm purchases you make at Ox Street and earn additional cashback. For more information visit: www.shopback.com

Ox Street Cashback Reward Overview On Shopback

Sample Of Ox Street Cashback Overview Reward

Billy is a sneaker enthusiast who is addicted to sneakers collecting after he bought his first Air Jordan 1 15 years ago!