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A Guide To Accessing Shoes on SNKRS

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Josyula Sanshray
June 19, 2022

Nike SNKRS grants select users the opportunity to purchase shoes ahead of their release. Find out how you can access shoes on SNKRS or shop the Ox Street marketplace.

The Nike SNKRS app is every sneakerhead’s best friend, as it is heavily used to try to get exclusive sneakers at retail prices which is what you want as a collector or a reseller. So how does one go about accessing the app and fully utilising it to have the best chance of successfully copping the sneakers you want? Ox Street tells you just how to be an expert at accessing shoes on SNKRS or shop on the Ox Street marketplace should you be unable to get the shoes you want the first time around. 

Where to download the SNKRS app? 

The sneakers app is free for download from its website, the Google Play Store (for Android) and the Apple App Store (for iOS). It is recommended to use the app as it allows you to access information like the latest launches and buy sneakers easily at your fingertips. The app also grants access to exclusive information on events and releases that you wouldn’t want to miss. 

After downloading the app just create a Nike+ account and enter your payment information to speed up the purchase process and voila, you are ready to try copping sneakers directly from the SNKRS app. 

What sneakers are released on the app? 

The SNKRS app is one of the ways Nike has come up with to combat bots that have been used by sneaker resellers to cop sneakers as quickly as possible. Even though reselling is not illegal and is also an undeniably big part of the sneaker community, brands do want to give more people a fair chance at getting the shoes they want at retail prices as well. 

Hype collabs like Fragment Design x sacai x LDV Waffle can be copped from SNKRS.

What is all the hype when it comes to sneakers that are released on the SNKRS app though? The app is different from the general Nike app where you can get the general shoes and gear available on Nike’s website. The SNKRS app however, releases highly coveted new sneakers and is also where you enter SNKRS Drawings for a chance to get rare sneakers that you can’t get on the regular app or stores. 

How do you enter draws on SNKRS? 

Raffles or draws are one of the ways sneaker brands have come up with to combat bots. Basically joining a raffle means you are trying to get a chance to buy the sneaker, and if you do win it, the app will automatically purchase the shoes. Regular releases don’t have raffles, so you know the sneakers are a good one to cop (or resell at a higher price) when you have to join a raffle for them. 

First of all, make sure you turn on push notifications for the SNKRS app so you will always get notified about draws for exclusive shoes ASAP. You can also follow Nike on Twitter @nikestore where they will tweet a link to the draw for the shoes. Quickly head over to the page as these draws only go on for a limited time with a countdown clock. 

When the draw is ongoing, choose the shoe and size you want (you should have already input your payment methods to make this process faster, you will only be charged if you won the raffle). If you are wondering how long it will take after a SNKRS draw to notify you of the results, Nike will email purchase information and order confirmations to those who were selected within 24 hours from the countdown expiry, and also to those who did not get it. As a Nike member, you should have free shipping or you can opt to pick up the shoes at the nearest store once you have successfully snagged a pair. 

How to win the raffle

While entering the raffle seems easy enough, winning it is a whole other matter. There are ways to boost your chances of winning a raffle, and you will need all the chances you can get while trying to get your hands on exclusive sneakers.

The first tip would be to increase CPU usage be it if you are using a computer or your phone by closing any applications that are open at the same time to make sure your CPU has lots of memory and can go really fast. Next would be to make sure you have good internet speed. 

Beyond the hardware aspect, opting for PayPal over Apple Pay as a payment method is supposedly faster as it helps the app recognise you are not a bot. Another trick that is rumored to work is to switch your gender to female on the app for better chances as majority of the users are male, well no harm trying. Finally, remember to do your research before copping the sneakers you want, like the bid and ask prices on StockX for each size to know the competition. If you are collecting for yourself you will know if your size is high in demand, and if you are a reseller you can make a decision whether to cop the popular sizes or less popular ones (which may have less competition and also less supply hence the profits might be higher if one is desperate to get the shoe in that size). 

How to get Nike SNKRS Exclusive Access? 

You might have heard of the SNKRS app’s coveted Exclusive Access which is like the VIP list that everyone wants to get into. It grants select users an opportunity to purchase exclusive shoes ahead of schedule, that might not even be available for regular purchase. Do note that it also does not guarantee a pair reserved in your size, so act fast if you do get an invite to purchase a pair. This was the case for the 50-pair OFF-WHITE x Nike Dunk launch where getting on the exclusive access list was the only way to get your hands on a pair. So how does one get on this elusive sounding list?

Shop the OFF-WHITE x Dunk Low on Ox Street

The SNKRS app sends invitations with personalized purchase offers to members based on their engagement with the SNKRS app. Hence, the more active the member is in the SNKRS community in terms of engagement with SNKRS’ content series and specific releases, the higher the chances of getting an invite. This means viewing videos, interacting with polls, entering raffles, engaging during SNKRS Live sessions and other things. They are looking for members that go beyond simply buying shoes, who love to learn about sneakers and really involve themselves in the community. The invitations are also only valid for a limited time, so you will have to keep up with the engagements to stay on the list. 

Which SNKRS shoes are available on Ox Street?

If there is a pair that you really wanted to cop but were unsuccessful from SNKRS Drawings, fret not it is not the end of the world as this is where Ox Street comes in. Just search for the sneaker that you are interested in getting, and click buy. You will see a list of available sizes and the prices they are listed at by resellers on our website. If you do not see your size available, you can make an offer as to how much you are willing to pay for the sneaker in your size. It is much easier and safer to get resale sneakers from a trusted site like Ox Street that guarantees the authenticity of the sneakers, so don’t be too hasty when you see a “good deal” for SNKRS shoes on social media or shady sites.  For sellers, you can list any shoes you managed to cop or don’t want anymore on Ox Street easily at a price you would like to list for. 

Need more information about copping sneakers besides joining raffles? Check out our Sneaker Collecting Guide 101 for more information about getting your hands on rare and exclusive sneakers. 

Josyula is a Singapore based bedroom DJ, Photographer, and Sneaker Collector. He loves all things culture and music, and writes in-depth articles on sneaker culture in Asia