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How to Style and Customize Crocs


Onyeishi Ebube
September 16, 2022

Crocs is now a widely loved must-have footwear essential. Learn how to make your Crocs extra fashionable on Ox Street Magazine.

Remember the well-hated rubber foam clogs? Crocs! During the early days of their inception, everyone but the creators hated them. Not only did their design deviate from the normal, but they couldn’t fit with any wear. The fashion industries and all those who promoted fashion mocked the shoe, affirming its design was chunky. Almost no one could figure out outfit ideas for the footwear, and they didn’t see it fitting in with any wear. So it was, concluded that nothing good could come out of them.

Well, that was then; how about now?

These rubber clogs have risen in popularity following the 2020 pandemic, where everyone forced to stay indoors 24/7 needed to give their foot the best comfort. Even better was when big brands like Balenciaga hoped on the project. What used to be an object of ridicule became an instant sensation, selling more than 600 million pairs. Owing to the comfort and look it is serving simultaneously, it is one of the world’s top 10 non-athletic shoe brands.

Crocs have turned into highly trending footwear that you can show off in style. They have become very awesome to put on these days; no wonder many celebrities have been seen flaunting these cool foot wears. Hollywood celebrities like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, and Pharrell love Crocs and have been spotted on several occasions, both formal and informal, rocking the footwear.

The CrosLite material in Crocs is responsible for the shoe’s softness, lightweight, and resistance to odor. Though crocs are widely used in society today, a few still do not know how to rock this footwear stylishly. However, you can trust the Ox Street marketplace to update you on the latest sneaker info, trends, and styling.


Crocs are the easiest to wear, come in many colors and variations, including slippers, clogs, boots, wedges, and flip-flops, and work with almost every outfit.

There are tons of Crocs outfit ideas to rock your good looks, so it should never be heard that you ran out of styling ideas. However, the attractiveness of your Crocs depends on two factors: What you wear with your Crocs and How you customize your Crocs.

Put On Crocs with Shirt Dresses.

Shirt dresses have been on the popularity list for years, and they keep getting better. A classy white shirt dress with your brightly colored Crocs will leave everyone jaw-dropping at the sight of you.

Wear some Socks before your Crocs

Crocs with socks are in vogue now; they go hard with socks. So anytime you put on skirts or shorts, pair them with nice colored shin socks and your Crocs, to slay. The colors of the socks should complement your other wear.

Wear Simple Crocs with an Athleisure

Crocs are a must-have for athleisure; they provide comfort while making you look lavishly elegant and refined. Selecting the right pair of Crocs for this outfit is paramount to determining your overall outlook. Choose a pair of Crocs that harmonizes with your outfit or a classic pair in dampened colors. You can never be wrong with either option.

How To Customize Your Crocs

Not only are Crocs versatile, but you can also personalize them to fit your lifestyle. So, if you have ever pondered how to style crocs, this is for you. With just a few tweaks, you can have your Crocs ready for any occasion, formal ones included.

Below, I shall provide some special ways to personalize your Crocs. You can start with these ideas if you are ready to make some personalized Crocs. Then, not only will you be proud to be a Croc owner, but you will also be shocked at how good-looking they can be. 

Image credit: Pinterest

Use Paint Markers

This method of personalization is the best for Croc owners with artistic skills. But, of course, your Crocs must be neat and dry to improve the quality of the marker. A white crocs outfit goes well for this method. The tip of paint markers provides better coverage and lasts longer than paintbrushes. So, sketch your design with a pencil, and get down to the coloring.

Include Some Charms

Jibbitz remains the original and commonest way to customize Crocs. Custom croc jibbitz, referred to as toppings, pop right into the openings in your Crocs. So, if you are very passionate about something, there is possibly a custom croc charm set to help you express your love for those things; they can be pizza, dogs, cats, coffee, or anything you can imagine.

The fact that this method of customization is not permanent makes it awesome. You can change them as frequently as you want. When cleaning your Crocs, you can easily clean these charms without having to remove them.

Use the bling to Dazzle them

Are you a lover of sparkles and shiny stuff? Then, it is time to bring out those gemstones and get an adhesive. You can glue your gemstones or shiny stuff to your Crocs to make them dazzle the eyes. Instead of gemstones, you can also get rhinestones and sequins and then glue a number of them to your Crocs. Whichever one you choose adds more beauty to your Crocs.

Before putting your gemstones or rhinestones on your Crocs, clean and dry them, and be extremely careful with the adhesive, as they can damage your Crocs if you remove any gems after drying.

Get an Authentic Pair of Crocs on Ox Street

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Onyeishi is a Nigerian-based content writer and a lover of art and culture. His industry experience ranges from community management and content marketing to content writing/Strategist for major international brands.