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Marcelyn Yervant - Indonesian Sneakerhead Interview


Hapsari Listya
January 8, 2023

Marcelyn @marcelynyervant_ started loving sneakers because of the Air Forces. She's into sneakers because she prefers to wear tomboy outfits instead of girlish ones, yet it still make her look stylish!

Could you share a bit about your secret origin story? (Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you start loving sneakers, what you do/hobbies etc.)

Hello, I’m Marcelyn! I’m still 18 years old and am currently studying at Podomoro University. What keeps me busy these days is my internship at Kick Avenue. I started loving sneakers because some big brands like Nike caught my attention - and Air Force is one of them.

All images via @marcelynyervant_

What's your current favorite pair of sneakers?

I’m saving a lot of money to buy a New Balance 'White Green' 550. I used to hate this pair, but now I really want it!!

What drew you to this particular pair of sneakers?

I love this pair because it looks effortless but very cool and perfectly suits my daily outfits!

What’s your personal sneaker-collecting philosophy?

I’m into sneakers because I prefer tomboy outfits instead of girlish ones. Sneakers make me cool!

Your dream hype sneaker you wish to acquire but don't have so far.

My dream hype sneaker that I haven’t bought until now is the Air Jordan 'Mocha.' It looks similar to the Air Jordan Travis Scott, and now the resale price is costly! It’s genuinely different from the retail price earlier.

What's your day-to-day style like?

Mostly I wear an oversize t-shirt with shorts or pants. Our office lets us wear anything we want, which is comfortable because they want us to look stylish!

Where can people find you on social media?

I’m active on Instagram and TikTok!

An ailurophile who loves bake cookies and listen to indie music!