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With Singer and Sneaker Collector Zizi Kirana


Tessa Yan
March 24, 2021

Actually a tomboy, singer and sneaker collector Zizi Kirana chooses sneakers over heels any day. Especially after becoming a hip-hop singer, sneakers seem to be the most comfortable, flexible, chic, and stylish choice.

Could you share a bit about your secret origin story? (Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you start loving sneakers, what you do/hobbies etc.)

Actually, my character is usually a tomboy, have lots of male friends and since I was a kid, i just like to wearing sneakers. Even though I like make up, but I'm not a feminine girl. So I don't really like wearing heels. Especially after I decided to start a new adventure by being a hip-hop singer, my appearances must be adjusted and sneakers is the most comfortable to wear, flexible, chic & stylish. Even when I have to wear kebaya, I build my own style that I still wear sneakers too. LOL ūü§£

What's your current favorite pair of sneakers?

Nike SB, Nike Dunk, Air Force 1 Low & Air Jordan.


What drew you to like them?

Because some Nike SB can be rare and Nike Air Force sneakers are old school.

What’s your personal sneaker collecting philosophy?

I adore Nike Jordan because I was born on the 23rd January, so we have same number.


Your dream hype sneaker you wish to acquire but don't have so far.

What The Dunk - Nike SB Low


What’s your day to day style like?

I love black color, so I have many clothes in black, cause I’m black metal. :P

I don’t like wearing t-shirts, I usually wear a jacket or sweater. I also don’t like wearing sandals, so I’ll definitely wear sneakers.


Where can people find you on social media?

Instagram : @zizi_kirana

Facebook Page : ZIZI kirana PAGE

Twitter : @EhZiziKirana

Youtube Channel : Zizi Kirana

Tessa is a sneaker enthusiast, social media maven, and Marketing Manager at Ox Street. She is also a sushi expert having explored over 130+ sushi restaurants worldwide. You can see her sushi obsession on IG @sushimastertessa