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Psalm Alfafara: SNK ATK Co-Founder


Hapsari Listya
October 19, 2022

Psalm @drift.r, is the co-owner of SNK ATK, a Philippines clothing brand which focuses on technical fabrics and futuristic design. His love for sneakers has been growing since he got first Jordan, the OG Air Jordan 6 Maroon when he was only in 5th grade!

What was the moment you first got drawn to sneakers, and which pair of sneakers triggered your passion?

I bought my first ever Jordans, the OG Air Jordan 6 Maroon back in 5th grade. I saw them at a store and I remember 11-yo me thinking they were really cool. So I saved my allowance until I could afford them.

All images via @drift.r

What’s one moment or trend in the history of sneaker culture that resonates with you?

When there was less commercialization back in the early 90's and the culture was still raw, not as refined as it is today. We were just punk kids that liked how Chucks looked, how Vans was super comfy for skating, and how Docs made us feel like we could conquer the world (or at least puberty lol). It was pre-hype, all that mattered is that you looked cool.

Please describe how it feels to you when you get and wear a new pair of kicks?

I only buy what I really like and never to resell, so it's always a magical moment. The weight of the box, the feel, that box-fresh smell. It's like Christmas!

What are some of your favorite creators/designers or brands and why?

I like Yohji Yamamoto, Errolson Hugh, Rick Owens, Junya Watanabe, Issey Miyake to name a few.

I heard you're the co-founder and Creative Director of SNK ATK. Could you tell us more about it? How did you start this brand?

SNK ATK is an experimental clothing brand focused on technical fabrics and futuristic design. I am a self-taught designer and I started the brand with a couple of good friends, a few pesos straight out of pocket, and a dream.

What is the vision of SNK ATK?

The vision is to produce technically-styled digitally-designed clothing for the future, handcrafted by humans. Along the way, we aim to help the development of the independent clothing industry in the Philippines by leveling up the capability of local production.

I wrote a manifesto in the form of a haiku:

Designed in silence

For those who work in shadows

May you strike unseen

SNK ATK is for the dreamers who work quietly behind the scenes, yet affect the culture in so many ways. Keep your head down, make progress, be undeniable. May they never see you coming.

What is one sneaker collaboration that doesn’t exist, but you wish/think should exist?

Nike x SNK ATK ;)

What are some of the current pairs of sneakers in your rotation?

I'm not a big collector so it's mostly collabs I care about. Nike x Acronym stuff like the AF1 Downtowns, Prestos, Mocs. Nike x Undercover Daybreaks, some Ian Paley x 'Bok'.

What is your ultimate holy grail sneaker that you have not managed to acquire so far?

If I can't have it then I don't want it, so I have everything I want :)

Other than kicks, what are some of your daily essentials or treasured items?

I've carried a pocket knife as a tool since I was young, so that's always part of my daily carry. I also like watches, and I feel naked without one to the point that I put my watch on before I put my pants on :D

Where can people find you on social media?  

Instagram: @drift.r and @snk.atk

Tiktok: @drifteroni

Facebook: Techwear Philippines

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