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Supreme Is Opening More Stores In Asia Next Year


Adam Cheung
September 6, 2022

We'd love to see Supreme stores in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Supreme is one of the most iconic streetwear labels in history. Created by James Jebbia back in 1994, it started off as an independent skate shop in New York City, and now, it's a billion dollar brand that has 14 locations across three continents. Of these stores, 6 of them are based in Japan, and interestingly enough, no other country in Asia has one yet. However, that could all be about to change next year as the label's parent company, VF Corporation, has unveiled plans to expand further on this side of the world.

"We're able to now impact stores. We're going to be able to remodel and relocate some stores this year." explained Steven E. Rendle, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, VF Corporation in an earnings call. "We've got some new Asia store opportunities coming available as we begin to look at that international expansion which was part of the acquisition thesis. And tourism is coming back. And this brand has a lot of consumers that don't live in those markets where the stores reside and the tourism impact and opening up of markets where consumers now can come back into the stores, engage with the brand, line up for the product, again gives us another point of, I think, confidence of what this brand is capable of."

At this moment in time, Supreme has yet to confirm where they plan to open new stores, but we'd absolutely love to see them in Malaysia and the Philippines. Let us know where you want a Supreme store to open up shop, and while you're here, you might as well check out Ox Street's latest drops!

Image credits: ksukkuri
Adam is a writer and editor specializing in sneakers and style. Over the past few years, he's curated features and guides for fashion publications across the globe, winning multiple awards along the way. Often travelling between the UK and Hong Kong, don't be too surprised if you find Adam anywhere else around the world taking street photography or feasting on the local delicacies.