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What To Look Out For When Buying Used Sneakers


Onyeishi Ebube
August 31, 2022

Discover Oxstreet's recommended tips for buying used sneakers online.

Did you know that shoes speak louder than words when expressing our personality? You can confirm this statement by checking out yourself; what do you notice first when a person approaches you? Most likely their footwear. Shoes are very important, and the love for them is real. Some love theirs so much that they have the same pair in different colors. But an undisputed truth about shoes is that no matter how lovely they are, they are bound to get worn out with time and be discarded.  So how do you keep your passion for shoes alive without breaking the bank? -that's where this article comes in. 

Buying used sneakers may not sound tactical to most people, but that is because you are getting it all mixed up. Buying a used shoe doesn't mean you get some outdated, low-quality product dedicated to the poor. On the contrary, you can comfortably purchase used sneakers uniquely branded and of vintage material at an affordable rate. But I bet you never knew that. So read on to find out how to get a great sneaker while saving a truckload of money.

Authenticity is Key

Authenticity is the quality of being genuine or real. This might sound funny because you are buying a used shoe, yet it is a very important thing to check out before making a payment. It is risky to buy used shoes if you don't know how to confirm their authenticity, or you might donate the little money you have to charity. So here are some insights on how to check the authenticity of your shoes like a professional.

Image credit: Nike

Check The Source

Who are you buying from? Is it an individual or an organization that sells used shoes? Whoever it is, you ought to check their social media pages, websites, and every other medium that says a thing or two about them. Ensure all pages and websites are real and in use. You need to be sure that they are in the business of selling used shoes and not just some random one-timer. Before making a payment online, ensure you use a trusted payment system like PayPal that offers protection to get what you have ordered.

Image Credit: Volley Expert

Do they smell nice?

As funny as this may sound, it makes a lot of shoes unfit for you. No matter how hard you try, they are most likely made from inferior materials if they don't smell right. Even if they are not from inferior materials, they are way too worn out to be reused. Even if you try to eliminate the bad smell, remember that the risks of having an athlete's foot increase.

Image credit: Nike

What's the asking price?

This is where cognitive dissonance comes into play, it is a mental conflict that occurs in your head when what you know or perceive to be true does not align with what is happening. This is exactly what happens when you come across an incredibly low price, and you know within yourself that there's no way it sells for that amount. You might want to think it is your lucky day or what an idiot the seller is. But take a minute to think about it, you just might be walking into atrap.If the asking price of your shoe is unreasonably low, then something is up. 

Image credit: Nike

Are they similar to other releases?

The purpose of comparisons is to ensure the one you buy has similar features to its original model. Therefore, you will want to check out little details like stitches, foam, etc. For example, Adidas uses the same foam for both old and new, the same way Jordan uses the same stitches for all their releases. These tiny little details call out a fake collection.

Image credit: Nike

Confirm The Receipt

With the rate of fake receipts being circulated, having a receipt is no longer enough to confirm authenticity. But one with the seller's name on it is a good way to start. Ensure that they have the right to sell the shoe, so you don't create legal issues for yourself. If they insist on not having proof of ownership, accept that they are fake and head straight to the Oxstreet app and get yourself some legit kicks.

Check For Critical Defects

Do you think buying a used pair of shoes is disappointing? Try buying one that is completely worn out. You'd be better off not having any than buying a completely trashed pair. Here are a few defects you should look for in a used shoe;

Image Credit: Defunkd

Midsole Crack

The midsole is the cushioned material between your foot and the outsole. It absorbs the energy of impulses, protecting you from feeling hard or sharp objects. You infer from this definition what you stand to lose if the midsole of the used shoe is cracked. You can't easily fix it, so it is best to avoid them at all costs.

Image Credit: The Gate

Heel Separation

This occurs when the adhesive connecting the gumming of the shoe to the sole is broken. The heel, in turn, slowly separates from the shoe; it can occur due to many reasons that aren't your problem. However, once you notice this, then the shoe is not yours to own.

A lot of other defects exist, and we can't talk about all of them. But through each of these, Oxstreet has learned more about customer satisfaction and what matters most to them and has created deals exclusive to you. Check out the Ox street app for legit buying and selling of used sneakers.

Onyeishi is a Nigerian-based content writer and a lover of art and culture. His industry experience ranges from community management and content marketing to content writing/Strategist for major international brands.