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The Ox Street guide to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the art of copping your desired sneakers safely, coupled with a peace of mind that transcends the madness of our frenzied digital culture.

The Most Valuable Travis Scott x Nike Releases
Buying Guides
Jun 26, 2022
Travis Scott x Nike releases are some of the best sneakers to hold as alternative asset classes, due to their cultural relevance in the sneaker market and the legendary position they occupy in global popular culture. Ox Street has compiled a list of the most valuable Travis Scott x Nike releases compared to their retail prices.
Ultimate Stüssy x Nike Sneaker Guide
Buying Guides
Jun 25, 2022
Ox Street introduces Stussy x Nike sneakers like the Spiridon Cage 2, Air Force 1 Low and Mid, and more in this guide and how you can grab them on Ox Street.
Your Guide To Sneaker Sizing & Fit — Ox Street Magazine
Buying Guides
Jun 20, 2022
How does the sizing of sneaker brands like adidas, Nike, Converse, & New Balance compare? Learn more in our sneaker fit guide:
A Guide To Accessing Shoes on SNKRS — Ox Street Magazine
Buying Guides
Jun 19, 2022
Nike SNKRS grants select users the opportunity to purchase shoes ahead of their release. Find out how you can access shoes on SNKRS or shop the Ox Street marketplace.
Complete Guide to Sneaker Terminology & Terms | Ox Street
Buying Guides
Jun 10, 2022
Discover our complete guide to sneaker terminologies, jargon and terms to help you be better prepared next time you are shopping for new kicks.
Air Jordan Sneaker Guide 101
Buying Guides
May 11, 2022
Ox Street brings our readers the “Air Jordan Sneaker Guide 101” where we talk about the different silhouettes and rank them, whether you are a beginner who wishes to know more about these legendary kicks or a seasoned collector who just wants to revisit some of the models that might have been forgotten about by many, we’ve got you covered.
The Ox Street Authentication process
Buying Guides
May 2, 2022
One of the recurring questions we receive at Ox Street is how we authenticate the sneakers sold through our platform. The key behind authenticating sneakers is having intimate knowledge of the real product. Building 'an eye for it' through experience is obviously important, but there is no substitute to a detailed comparison with the real thing. If you look at a structured set of key elements, making sure they ALL line up with what the real deal looks like, you will be able to sniff out even the best fakes.
Is Ox Street Legit?
Buying Guides
Apr 14, 2022
Our platform aims to bring trust to our users with a great selection of sneakers from general releases to rare exclusives by connecting regional sellers with buyers. Ox Street sell deadstock (unworn) sneakers and we don’t hold stock but rather work with local sellers who were lucky enough to cop a pair at retail, buy them while on holiday, or decided to resell them after getting them from the resale market.
How Does Ox Street Authenticate Sneakers?
Buying Guides
Apr 6, 2022
Purchasing expensive and rare sneakers can be nerve-wracking when you are unsure of its authenticity until you see if for yourself in person. Buying from trusted sneaker resale sites like Ox Street, however, puts an end to these fears and anxieties. How does Ox Street legit check the sneakers we sell and guarantee that it is 100% authentic?
How To Buy Legit Sneakers From Ox Street
Buying Guides
Mar 18, 2022
Buying rare sneakers or even the latest drops can sometimes be a pipe dream due to the high demand and astronomical prices from unregulated resellers. Not forgetting to mention the increasing circulation of fake sneakers around the world. At Ox Street, we have an end to end solution for sneakerheads no matter what your collecting appetite. Let’s check out how you can cop your grails from Ox Street.
Sneaker Collecting Guide 101
Buying Guides
Feb 23, 2022
As we see more and more sneakerheads and streetwear enthusiasts nowadays, sneakers have gone beyond just a functional pair of shoes to a collectible, a statement piece in an outfit, and a passion for many.
The Best UNION LA Sneakers Money Can Buy
Buying Guides
Feb 16, 2022
American brand Union is one that is rich in history with its first store opening in NYC back in 1989, followed by in Los Angeles where it remains today. The brand offers a simple concept that brings fashion and function together and takes on the role of the option outside of the mainstream bringing in overseas brands and young designers into the US market. Union has worked with brands like Nike, Jordans, and Converse to create absolute classics that collectors should definitely cop. Ox Street has compiled the best Union sneakers money can buy, for fans of the brand and new collectors alike.
All the OG Air Jordan 1 Colorways Explained
Buying Guides
Jan 19, 2022
Hopefully you've had the chance to enjoy the incredible "The Last Dance" documentary series about Michael Jordan. If you haven’t make sure you check out our earlier post about the story behind Jordan's rise as a basketball star and sneaker magnate. Today in this article we list the 15 original Jordan 1 colorways for your convenience.
The Retro Classics Every Sneakerhead Needs In Their Collection
Buying Guides
Jan 14, 2022
The retro, vintage style of dressing that recreates looks from the ’70s and ‘80s has become a favorite amongst fashion enthusiasts as of late. You can never go wrong with the classics that have stood the test of time, as they are proven to be well-loved and in trend even today. Ox Street picks retro classics that every sneakerhead needs in their collection to complete that ootd look reminiscent of better days of the past.
Top 6 Must-Get OFF-WHITE Sneakers To Buy Now
Buying Guides
Jul 5, 2021
Founded by DJ and fashion designer Virgil Abloh in 2021, OFF-WHITE has become one of the most hyped and popular fashion labels in the world. The brand’s trademark OFF-WHITE design elements includes its text designs in Helvetica font as well as its diagonal black and white striped designs that are instantly recognizable from afar. OFF-WHITE has since made its way well into the sneakers market with many collaborations with brands such as Nike and Converse, and here are our top 6 must-get picks.
Air Jordan 1 Releases in 2021 (Thus Far) That You Might Want To Cop If You Haven’t Already Done So
Buying Guides
Jun 24, 2021
The Air Jordan 1 is a staple in every streetwear ensemble, known for its timeless silhouettes for both the high, low and *gasps* mids iterations (laugh now but hating on mids in 2021 reeks of boomer energy). 2021 has seen new spins on the retros and hyped collaborations with several celebrities in the past half a year. We revisit what has been launched and some upcoming releases this year, and have chosen 7 pairs of Air Jordan 1s that you might want to do a double take on.
Top 5 Dad Sneakers to Buy Now on Ox Street
Buying Guides
Jun 22, 2021
“Dad shoes” have become the hottest aesthetics, yes literally shoes that look like what your dad would wear. With comfort-first designs and chunky silhouettes, they are vastly different from the usual sleek and light designs you see on popular sneakers like Yeezys or Air Jordan 1s. Much like how the Fila Disruptor II have won the hearts of many, the thicc and chonky “dad shoes” rose to popularity in 2018 and has not dipped since, so you might want to have one or two pairs in your closet. If you don’t know where to start, we have picked for you top 5 dad sneakers you can buy now from Ox Street.
Nike Air VaporMax EVO: Celebrating Over 30 Years of Air Max Technology
Buying Guides
Apr 5, 2021
Nike’s VaporMax Evo presents a hyper bold exploration of the VaporMax style, but at a closer look, the silhouette creatively fuses details inspired by classic models like the Air Max 90, Air Max 93 and the Air Max Plus.
Why do we love collecting sneakers?
Buying Guides
Dec 24, 2020
What drives us to collect kicks? For some people, they are enthusiastic about the prospect of having nicer kicks, while others are OG collectors who have been in the game for a long time and are strictly in it for the appreciation of history and the design greats that have graced the history of sneaker lore. Some have been brought in by the hype generated by the Kanye Yeezy era and the Virgil Off-White movement, which have captured the minds of new collectors and brought many new sneaker heads into the game. In any case, the biggest drive to collect more is a combination of hype releases and love for older releases that have a cool concept or point of historical reference.
All the OG Air Jordan 1 Colorways Explained
Buying Guides
Apr 30, 2020
We list the 15 original Jordan 1 colorways for your convenience.