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Camille Lumogdang
An engineer who loves writing in her spare time.
Britt JG - Australian Digital Creator Interview
Dec 3, 2022
Obsessed with the Step-Up franchise makes Britt @brittanyjacintogarcia fall in love with sneakers, especially after she saw a pair of Nike Dunk Gunmetal. Yoon Anh is one of her big inspirations to make an impact in the fashion world!
Jason Matthew Lim - Filipino Hobbyist Photographer Interview
Dec 4, 2022
Jason @macheyolim wasn't interested in sneakers until he joined a Facebook sneaker group, eventually making him addicted to sneakers. He prefers to collect sneakers that he would wear daily instead of buying hyped sneakers that everyone wanted.
YP Wan - Malaysian Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 1, 2022
Growing up during the basketball era made YP @ypwan82 obsessed with sneakers from a younger age. As Air Jordan Guy, he wants to see its brand collaborate with Converse someday!
Michael Juaneza - Ashen Oak Co-Founder Interview
Dec 5, 2022
Growing up during the second Chicago Bulls three-peat era makes Michael @mrashenoak fascinated with Michael Jordan's sneakers. Seeing a lot of sneaker collaborations with streetwear brands inspired him to create his brand - Ashen Oak; his mission is to make any person can wear it!
Joel Kiam - Singaporean Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 30, 2022
As someone who just hooked on sneaker culture, Joel @joelkiam always believes sneakers play an important role to complete overall outfits. Besides comfort, he tends to choose a pair with a classic silhouette because it's easy to match with any outfit!
Mickey Javier - American Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 28, 2022
Mickey @mikimotomami used to watch the NBA during high school, and it has made him started collecting Air Jordan ever since. As a motorcycle enthusiast, he hopes to see any collaboration between motorbike and sneaker brands someday!
Rifdi Haziq - Singaporean Interior Designer Interview
Nov 25, 2022
Rifdih @rifdih is one of the Singaporeans who obsessed with sneakers because of Nike Dunks. He also admires Aimé Leon Dore because of its up-to-date design, yet still gives a vintage vibe!
Josarie De Leon Gamit - Filipina Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 2, 2022
Dating a sneakerhead makes Josarie @josarieg drawn into sneakers with Nike Wmns Dunk Low 'Vintage Green' as her first sneaker. Like other sneakerheads, she admires Virgil Abloh for the way he changed the fashion industry and created a unique brand!
Jasmine Ambarwati - Australian Based Fashion Model Interview
Nov 29, 2022
Growing up during the 1990s made Jasmine passionate about fashion from a younger age because it allowed her to express herself. She wants to see a collaboration between Aaliyah and Nike Air Jordan someday, as she was a big inspiration in her life!
Kayla Robert - Canadian Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 26, 2022
Converse x Ambush is the reason why Kayla @kaylarobert_ is obsessed with military-inspired clothing and sneakers today. Getting a new pair always boosts her confidence; hence she loves to show them on social media because she thinks that shoe is art!
Restie Caligagan - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 24, 2022
Vans is one of the reasons Restie @tieclggn fell in love with sneaker culture and his sneaker obsession has been growing ever since. You will see many classic pairs in his current rotation as he loves to match them with his vintage hoodies and mini bags.
Daniel Woon - Malaysian Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 21, 2022
Daniel @danielwoon__ is one of the Millenials who got hooked on sneaker culture after getting his first Converse. He loves to style his sneakers with a Comme des Garcons tote bag because its minimalist design goes well with everything!
Zion Wuxinyi: Filipino Creative Director Interview
Nov 22, 2022
Zion @zionwuxinyi hooked into sneaker culture in 2010, and he will always remember the moment when he lined up with some friends to get a new release pair. Stussy is one of his favorite brands because of its impact on streetwear and hip-hop culture!
Rica Jacobe - Filipina Dancer Interview
Nov 20, 2022
Rica @ricajacobe will always remember the hip-hop and dance era in Manila, which eventually made her fall in love with sneakers. You will see Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle B/W and Dunk B/W in her weekly rotation because she loves classic silhouettes sneakers!
Alicia Wee - Singaporean Designer Interview
Nov 23, 2022
Alicia @alee_lee has been passionate about sneakers since she was young, and marrying a fellow sneakerhead keeps the enthusiasm going. She loves to style her minimalist sneakers with tote bags and rings collection!
Rhianna Mae Cruz: Filipina-Australian Creative Director Interview
Nov 17, 2022
Having a sneakerhead dad inspired Rhianna @rhiannacruzz to start collecting sneakers at a young age, especially after she got her own OG Adidas Superstars. She loves to match her simple colourways sneakers with some wardrobes from FOG, Coperni, Peche, or Diesel!
Nate Felipe: Filipino-Canadian Sneaker Illustrator/Photographer Interview
Nov 16, 2022
2008 Nike Hyperdunks is the pair that triggered Nate @nateflip sneaker obsession ever since. Bryan Espiritu, Cran, Reina Koyano, and Ralph Romeo are a few big names who inspired him as a sneaker photographer and kept him creative all day!
Collin Goh - Aforarcade Co-Founder Interview
Nov 19, 2022
Collin @collingoh has been obsessed with sneakers at a very young age as he was a former basketball player. A new pair of sneakers always makes him feel fresh and he loves to match it with his cap collection!
Muhamed Sabbah - Egyptian-American Fashion Stylist Interview
Nov 12, 2022
Hollywood actors inspire Sabbah @moe_f_stylist to start collecting sneakers and blogging about his style. You would see many Air Jordan 1 in his sneaker collection as new sneakers always make him feel fresh and happy!
Wilson Wong - Singaporean Musician Interview
Nov 9, 2022
Wilson @iamwil.w is one of the Singaporean musicians who got hooked on sneakers because of the hip-hop culture. Comfortable shoes for a musician are essentials, and you won't miss Adidas pairs from his daily sneaker rotation!
Jess Wharehinga - Australian Creative Director Interview
Nov 5, 2022
Jess @jesswharehinga, always remembers the moment when she saw the Adidas Superstars replica that her mom refused to buy her; yet it sparked her sneaker obsession ever since. You will see Syracuse Dunks and white AF1s in her current sneaker rotation because she loves to match them with her red-orange hair!
Kendrick Diaz: VAULV Co-Founder Interview
Nov 15, 2022
Growing up during the skateboarding era made Kendrick @kendrickdiaz get drawn into sneakers at a younger age, especially after his dad gave him the Zoo York skate shoe. You would see many Air Jordan 1 High in his sneaker collection as he loves the design and history behind them!
Kazeyuki Fujiwara - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 7, 2022
It wasn't easy for Kazeyuki @fujiwarakazeyuki to get Kanye's sneakers in the early 2000s, yet it hooked him into sneaker culture ever since. As an OG sneakerhead, he always prioritizes comfort when choosing sneakers; hence you would see many Nike Off-White sneakers on his rotation!
Dominique Canlas - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 18, 2022
Dominique @domcanlas has been loving sneakers since his grade school years and his sneaker collection is still growing today. Besides prioritizing comfort, he tends to choose sneakers with simple colourway like Adidas Wales Bonner runners.
Kayne Gangano - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 3, 2022
Kayne @keinkoy_, started his sneaker collection with Air Jordan 1 because it reminds him of his childhood when he admires Mike Jordan a lot. As he currently lives in the UK, he loves to style his sneakers with the hoodie collection to keep him warm!
Charlonne - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Oct 31, 2022
Charlonne @chapatos_, still remembers the 90s era when sneakers became lifestyle shoes, and everyone hunting hype sneakers ever since. He tends to support independent retail store collabs than a few well-known designers/brands because its design is outstanding!
Irfan Nurrahman - Indonesian Digital Creator Interview
Oct 29, 2022
Irfan @irfannurrahman_ get his first sneakers, Nike Air Jordan 4 in 2013, and his love for sneakers has been growing ever since. Similar to other sneakerheads, he loves to match his sneakers with hoodies or crewnecks!
Filipino ER Nurse: Joe Anthony Bersabal
Oct 17, 2022
Got first Yeezy in 2018, Joe's @ako_si_j0e sneaker collection has grown ever since with him being a big fan of Ye. Like other sneakerheads, he is always excited once a collaboration sneaker is released - especially when he gets the shoe at retail price!
Indonesian Video Creator: Muhammad Haikal
Oct 23, 2022
Joining a Converse local sneaker community triggered Haikal @sj_haikal sneaker's obsession, especially after he got his first pairs: Converse Chuck 70s Vintage Khaki. He loves Nike not only because of its outstanding design, but also its storytelling provokes emotions!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Dior Fan: Ranny Bautista
Oct 16, 2022
As a sneakerhead, Ranny @theranzbanana aware if choose sneakers is not only about style, but it's also about the comfort and versatility. He loves Dior because its classic design and how it even goes well with cut-off denim and shirt!
Filipino-Australian Teacher: Emmanuel
Oct 22, 2022
Basketball obviously is the reason Emmanuel's @kickinitwithgee sneaker's obsession has been growing ever since. As a proud Filipino-Australian, he wants to see a collaboration between Nike/Jordan with an Aussie sneaker brand; like SneakerFreaker Air Max or AJ3 which he believes would be hype!
New Zealand Digital Creator: Jessy Hemara
Oct 18, 2022
Growing up during hip hop culture, Jessy @jessyhemara has been growing ever since with G-Unit x Reebok G6 being her favourite sneaker of all time. She's a big fan of Tyler The Creator as she feels he inspired others to chase their dreams.
Singaporean Sneakerhead and FOG Fan: Jimin Toh
Nov 27, 2022
Jimin @jmntoh was one of the Singaporeans who used to wear flip-flops anywhere until he was hooked on Adidas Yeezys in 2016. Besides Kanye, he is a big fan of Fear of God, and his collection is more than half his wardrobe!
Singaporean Sneakerhead: Daniel
Oct 20, 2022
Daniel, @xiaowongsta, is one of the lucky few who had access to sneakers from a young age, at 14 he got hooked onto sneakers and never looked back. He admires the works of the late Virgil Abloh and Jerry Lorenzo for their narratives and design language used in their creations.
Malaysian DJ: Alicia FireHeart
Oct 15, 2022
Start collecting sneakers since her college days, Alicia @aliciafireheart always been love classic and colourful silhouette. As a DJ, wear a stylish pair is a must and she wants to get Dior x Air Jordan 1 High soon!
Australian Sneaker Photographer: Kaiyan Narciso
Oct 10, 2022
Kaiyan @kickzfigz, is an Australian sneaker photographer who has been surrounded by sneakers his whole life as his father is a huge sneakerhead. He always feels creative every time he gets new pairs as he loves to photograph and match them with the best outfits!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Digital Marketer: Garett Flores
Oct 4, 2022
Garett @garettflores, started his sneaker journey by rocking a couple of New Balance pairs during grade school as it's the same years when he was fascinated by his dad's chunky rubber shoes. He's a big fan of Balenciaga and someday he wants to cop the Balenciaga X-Pander Silver!
Filipina Sneakerhead and Photographer: Alyssa Ishihara
Oct 9, 2022
Being a female sneakerhead, Alyssa @yssaluna has been obsessed with getting a pair of sneakers in different colorways to match her OOTDs. Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' is one of her favourite sneakers because of the neutral colorway and its comfort.
Filipino Sneakerhead and Interior Designer: Dos Quidangen
Oct 11, 2022
Dos @dquidangen has always been into sneakers since grade school and his collection is mainly around Jordan 1s. As an interior designer, he resonates a lot with the collab culture because many brands create something together is truly innovative!
Malaysian Sneakerhead Couple: Cola Yee & Sam Shaggy
Oct 6, 2022
Cola @cola_yee and Sam @sam_shaggy3 is a Malaysian sneakerhead couple who show their sneakers obsession over social media. Both of them agreed Tinker Hatfield is a genius and his designs always astonished them!
Filipino Retro Roots: Earl Cedrick Fruelda
Oct 7, 2022
Getting new pairs always makes Cedrick @CDRKFruelda excited, take the photo, then upload it to social media because he works hard to get them. Sean Wotherspoon is his favourite designer since both of them are into thrifting and Wotherspoon's designs are always lit!
Australian Sneakerhead and Digital Creator: Tyra Ryan
Oct 12, 2022
Being a digital creator makes Tyra, @tyraryann started collecting sneakers because she feels it completes her whole look. Besides Jordan, she also loves Naked Wolfe, Bape - and any sneakers which come from the NBA collaboration!
Filipina Sneakerhead and Respiratory Therapist: Amabella Lerog
Oct 1, 2022
Bella @britmoy's has been collecting sneakers since in high school, yet a pair which triggered her sneaker obsession is the Air Jordan 4 Retro Shimmer. As a respiratory therapist, she is always in need of comfortable shoes; thus you would see J1 CMFT Patent Chicago in her current rotation!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Hoop Junkie: Ken Edward
Oct 5, 2022
Being a Dwyane Wade fan, Ken @edwardken23 never forgot the moment when Wade had his first signature shoe with Converse in the 2000’s era. He sees sneakers as the way of expressing himself and new pairs always get him excited and giddy!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Youtuber: Gelo Pineda
Oct 3, 2022
Jordan 11 Concord and Jordan 12 Taxi were the reason Gelo @gelopineda_03 loved sneakers, yet he actually started collecting back in 2016. As '90s kids, the vintage wave resonates a lot with him - thus he wants to see a collaboration between Off White and Teddy Santis some day!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Vintage Lover: Johnuel Juntayas
Sep 30, 2022
Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe is the sneaker which triggered Johnuel's @johnuelcj sneaker obsession in 2020. As a vintage lover, he loves what Jerry Lorenzo does as Essential sub-lines designs are always outstanding!
British-Chinese Sneaker & Streetwear Writer: Adam Cheung
Sep 26, 2022
The Air Jordan 4 "Military Blue" was the pair that made Adam @adamhycheung fall in love with sneakers. Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo, and Yohji Yamamoto are some of his biggest inspirations as they put Asia on the fashion map during the '70s and '80s era.
Indonesian Sneakerhead and Fashion Enthusiast: Dion Mansion
Sep 25, 2022
Starting his sneaker collecting journey with Vans, Dion @dionmansion fell in love with Nike after seeing some of the collaboration with Travis Scott. Being an Indonesian, he wants to see Nike do a collaboration with local brands that include batik!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Blogger: Yael Arevalo
Sep 22, 2022
Growing up playing basketball, Yael @danyaelll has been loving sneakers after he got his first pair, Air Jordan 1 Mid Red Toe. Getting a new pair always motivates him to be creative to create new styles, especially if it's his dream sneakers!
Australian Sneakerhead and Air Jordan Fan: Venice Lacerna
Sep 20, 2022
Vinnie @venice_lacerna still remembers vividly how she walked into Footlocker in Melbourne and fell in love with Air Jordan 4's then started learning about sneaker culture ever since. She also loves Essentials as she likes to dress minimally.
Filipino Sneakerhead and WTAPS Fans: Andrew Baler
Sep 18, 2022
Andrew @werdstyle sneaker obsession started when he was in high school after he got his first Adidas Superstar. He loves every Japanese brand, especially WTAPS! He would love to see collaboration between any global sneaker brands with local brands in the future.
Filipino Sneakerhead and Air Jordan Guy: Ico Lagaya
Sep 13, 2022
Ico @icolagya has been loving sneakers since a young age because his father is also a sneakerhead. He used to be a Yeezy guy but everything changed when pandemic started, where most of his sneaker collections include Air Jordan and Dunks!
Filipino Sneaker Photographer and Podcast Host: Moe Samson
Sep 11, 2022
As a former basketball player, Moe Samson @merklemoeman started obsessed with sneakers because all of his friends and coach wear a cool shoes. He loves sneakers not only because of its amazing design neither the history behind them, but it's motivate him to get better in basketball!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Influencer Couple: JP Arrieta and Alvin Liwanag
Sep 9, 2022
JP and Alvin @aulvinbhvr are Filipino influencer couple who has been started creating content since late 2019, when chunky sneakers was a hype. They are big fan of Balenciaga because its design are futuristic and how they elevate mundane thing is phenomenal!
American Sneaker Photographer: Ron T
Sep 8, 2022
Ron T @solecialskills is an American photographer who takes beautiful photos of sneakers with his iPhone. He started photographing all of his sneaker collection after one of his friends didn't believe he had many collections. One day he wants to have his own collaboration with one of the sneaker brands!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Sneaker Photographer: Duk Maniquis
Sep 6, 2022
Duk Maniquis @dukmaniquis is a Filipino sneaker photographer who always shoots his new pair after unboxing them. He loves to shoot any sneakers with minimalist designs, whether it's Air Jordan, Adidas, or Yeezy.
Australian Sneakerhead and Podcaster: Julian Pauncz
Sep 4, 2022
Julian @kicks_and_craze is an Australian sneakerhead who started loving sneakers after he saw one of his best friends wear OG Reebok. He wants to see a collaboration between Australian sneaker boutiques with big sneaker brands, such as Upthere Store with Saucony!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Social Media Influencer: Justin Sales
Sep 2, 2022
Justine @juustinsales has always been interested in sneakers since 2013, and his sneaker obsession has grown after he collected NMDs in different colorways. He wants to see a collaboration between Air Max 90 and Travis Scott because he feels Travis could hype this pair!
New Zealand Sneakerhead and Photographer: Carlo Falqueza
Aug 31, 2022
Carlo @carlo.falqueza has been a sneakerhead since he was young and repeatedly watches sneaker series where it makes him easily recognise some sneaker models. Even though he's a Jordan guy, he also likes to support smaller and local sneaker brands which have their own unique characters!
New Zealand Sneakerhead and Digital Creator: Troi Atkins
Aug 29, 2022
Growing up playing basketball, Troi @troiatkins is familiar with sneakers from a young age where her first cop was Triple White Jordan One Lows.Besides Balenciaga, she also admires Aleali May for her work with Nike!
Australian Sneakerhead and Hip-Hop Dancer: Vinh Cao
Aug 17, 2022
Vinh @nikeverydayevenonsunday is both an Australian sneakerhead and Bboy who loves wearing vintage Nike shoes. It makes him feel like he's a part of the culture, living the stories behind them. As a vintage lover, he could not wait to own a pair of Nike AM 95 x Eminem!
Australian Sneakerhead and Sneaker Freaker Journalist: Amber De Luca-Tao
Aug 15, 2022
Amber De Luca-Tao @certified__lovergirl is an Australian Sneakerhead who started obsessed with sneakers because her older brother played a big role in the sneaker community. She loves how social media becomes a good medium for sneakerheads to express themselves since new kicks also bring a whole different energy to herself!
Malaysian Sneakerhead and TikTok Famous: Nurin Nadhira
Aug 14, 2022
Nurin Nadhira @ndyrsli is a Malaysian sneakerhead who started her sneaker obsession in high school, where all of her friends and herself admired many sports shoes. Air Jordan Cement 2016 was her sneaker game changer and she loves Air Jordan ever since.
Singaporean Sneakerhead and Dancer: Jewelyn Siew
Aug 16, 2022
Jewelyn Siew @jewcantseemi is a Singaporean sneakerhead who explored the world of sneakers to find comfy yet stylish shoes for her dancing. Adidas Gazelle was the pair which triggered sneaker obsession ever since!
Singaporean Based Sneakerhead and Luxury Lover: Anna Kazumi
Aug 13, 2022
Anna Kazumi @annakazumi is a Singaporean based sneakerhead who prefers to choose style Breds instead of Chicago's. She loves to match her sneakers with luxury brands such as Rolex.
American Sneakerhead and Photographer: Kerry Thach
Aug 12, 2022
Kerry Thach @kerrythach is an American sneakerhead who fallen in love with sneakers after copped Bape NMD. He loves the collaboration between Union LA and Nike because of its amazing design.
Unlaced Store Owner: Max Weston
Jul 28, 2022
Max Weston @maxwestonnn is an Australian sneakerhead who also owns his sneaker shop - Unlaced Store. His sneaker obsession started with Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant and currently Air Max 1 Patta is in his sneaker rotation!
American Sneakerhead and New Balance Fan: Riblets
Aug 10, 2022
Riblets @riblets1218 is a New Balance fan whose love for the brand was sparked by the brown JJJJound 992. Apart from sneakers, he is also collecting antique stuff because his love for vintage items and its history.
Taiwanese Sneakerhead and Stussy Fan: Chuck from SlamChucky
Sep 17, 2022
Chuck @slamchucky fell in love with sneakers since he was in middle school, when he was a basketball player. He's a big fan of Stussy because it's affordable and widely available - more importantly it allowed young generations to learn about sneaker culture!
South African Shoes Customizer and Sneakerhead: Whitney House
Sep 23, 2022
Air Force Ones are the sneakers which triggered Whitney @thecreativeera to start customizing all the pairs around her. Quotino and Jae Tips are her big inspiration, hence you would see many colours on her customized sneakers!
Celise Bakker - Dutch Street Style Photographer Interview
Nov 8, 2022
Started collecting Converse Chucks in her twenties, Celise @celisze_photography realized that sneaker culture is bigger than she ever imagined. As a street-style photographer, she's always interested in photographing people styling their sneakers in their own way to express their emotions and the story behind them.
Australian Sneakerhead: Kevin Le
Jul 3, 2022
Kevin Le @kevinhoangle is an Australian sneakerhead whose love for sneakers started from basketball. His current sneaker rotation including popular brands like Nike, New Balance, and Reebok.
Hong Kong Youtuber and Sneakerhead: Ken Chan
Jul 2, 2022
Bavo @kenchan908 is a digital content creator whose first sneaker was an Air Force 1 Low. His passion for sneakers started in secondary school and still burns even now that he is already a dad.
Australia Clothing Brand Owner and Sneakerhead: Joshua Foon
Jul 16, 2022
Joshua Foon @foonvision is an Australian sneakerhead who owns a clothing brand. His brother introduced him to the sneaker world, and Nike Air Forces triggered his sneaker passion ever since.
Biracial Sneakerhead: Tyrell Villania-Small
Jul 17, 2022
Tyrell @tyrell.vanilla is a half-Filipino and half-South African sneakerhead who's blessed with many sneakers since his younger age. Right now, he's mainly into photography and content creation for popular brands like Converse.
Lebanese Sneakerhead and Luxury Bags Lover: Sara Alemeh
Jul 18, 2022
Sara Alemeh @saraalemeh is a Lebanese shoeaholic who's currenly lives in UAE. Comes from a moderate family, own hundred of pair is such a big achievement for her. She's a big fan of Ye, Off White, and of course Nike!
Aussie Sneakerhead and Air Jordan Lover: Sonya Saffo
Jul 19, 2022
Sonya Saffo @snkr.son has been a sneakerhead for almost 15 years now. Her all-time favorite is the Jordan 1 Chicago, the pair which started her sneaker obsession. As Air Jordan lover, she couldn't wait to see a collaboration between Jordan and Carhartt.
Australian Sneakerhead and Music Enthusiast: Trent Baldock
Jul 27, 2022
Trent Baldock @sneaker_t__ is an Australian sneakerhead with over a hundred pairs in his collection. It all started in 2009 after he traveled to the United States and was amazed with sneaker culture ever since!
German Sneaker Photographer: Ty
Aug 5, 2022
TY @tyl87 is a German sneaker photographer who started collecting sneakers in 2010. His first sneaker was Nike Air Max 1 and he adores Nike ever since!
Australian Sneakerhead and Vintage Lover: James Tran
Jul 22, 2022
James Tran @jimmyupthere is an Australian sneakerhead who started obsessed with sneakers after seeing his primary teacher wear Air Max 1s. He tends to choose vintage sneakers because it's easy to match with any outfits - yet still make him look cool!
American Sneakerhead and Entrepreneur: Teanna Jones
Jul 20, 2022
Teanna Jones @_babytea sneaker obsession started in 2014 with UGG boots. She couldn't get enough with one pair because sneakers give her an independent feeling. Her holy grail sneaker is Balenciaga Triple S sneaker.
Hong Kong Shoe Customizer: Xylar Chan
Jul 20, 2022
Xylar Chan @xylar_studio is a Hong Kong customizer who loves Nike because its designs are always inspiring and creative. He started customise sneakers because he wants to create something different and invest himself more in sneaker culture.
British Sneaker Photography: Ben Whalley
Aug 11, 2022
Ben Whalley @bw._.creative is a Bristish sneaker photographer who drawn into sneakers since Adidas Superstar 35 th Anniversary. He's a big fan of Ronnie Fieg and Hikmet because they always bring unique colourways.
Australian Sneakerhead and Illustrator: Eric Ng
Jul 30, 2022
Eric Ng @perfectlynormal.co is an Australian sneakerhead who started loving sneakers because of his favourite sport, basketball. Besides his huge sneaker collection, he also show his sneaker obsession through his illustration!
Australian Sneakerhead and Video Creator: Sarjeh Elmustapha
Jul 24, 2022
Sarjeh Elmustapha @sarjeh.e is an Australian sneakerhead and video creator who started loving sneakers after pandemic hit. She's a big fan of Nike because of its design always present themselves and creative.
Australian Mental Health Speaker and Sneakerhead: Melissa Yu
Jul 21, 2022
Melissa Yu @mellieyu is a mental health speaker/ podcaster who is also into sneakers. She loves wearing oversized fits and comfy shoes.
The Kickz Stand Co-Founder: Jay Mijares
Jul 18, 2022
Jay Mijares @jay.tks is the co-founder of The Kickz Stand who got drawn into sneakers through basketball, particularly the Fila GH1.
Shoe Cleaning Brand Owner and Sneakerhead Adam Sugiarto
Jul 19, 2022
Adam Sugiarto @radam_royce is a part owner of Aether Care, a sneaker, accesory, and garment cleaning company. It is set to open its doors - Aether HQ on July 30 at 4/150 Oxford Street, Leederville, Perth, W.A.
Content Creator Daisy Rose
Jul 11, 2022
Daisy Rose @daisymayrose1 is a London-based sneakerhead who offers content marketing services under her business, The Content Queen. When writing, she loves to highlight Asian influence within the industry.
Fashion Brand Owner and Sneakerhead: Naki Carey
Jul 8, 2022
Naki Carey @Nakicarey is a sneakerhead who owns a fashion brand. All-white shoes are her favorite because they just look good in everything.
Singaporean Sneakerhead Mervyn Lee
Jul 7, 2022
Mervyn Lee @mervyn6 has had more than a decade long love affair with the Chuck Taylor sneaker. He eventually got drawn to more brands and started personalizing a few.
Sneakerhead and Photographer Elisa
Jul 7, 2022
Elisa @elysscott feels the coolest when she has new shoes. Nike and Vans are her top picks as of the moment. And she also loves photography.
Singaporean Artist and Sneakerhead: Defrag
Jul 4, 2022
Defrag @defrag___ is a self-taught artist who’s into fashion, toys, and shoes. His dream sneaker collaboration is to have one with his own brand - Defrag.
NBA and Shoe Enthusiast “Ray Ray”
Jul 4, 2022
Reem, aka "Ray Ray," @Reemshmrii is a fan of basketball and sneakers. She fell in love with the Air Jordan 1 Low "Rivals," and could not stop collecting more shoes afterward.