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Camille Lumogdang
An engineer who loves writing in her spare time.
Indonesian Sneakerhead and Fashion Enthusiast: Dion Mansion
Sep 25, 2022
Starting his sneaker collecting journey with Vans, Dion @dionmansion fell in love with Nike after seeing some of the collaboration with Travis Scott. Being an Indonesian, he wants to see Nike do a collaboration with local brands that include batik!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Blogger: Yael Arevalo
Sep 22, 2022
Growing up playing basketball, Yael @danyaelll has been loving sneakers after he got his first pair, Air Jordan 1 Mid Red Toe. Getting a new pair always motivates him to be creative to create new styles, especially if it's his dream sneakers!
Australian Sneakerhead and Air Jordan Fan: Venice Lacerna
Sep 20, 2022
Vinnie @venice_lacerna still remembers vividly how she walked into Footlocker in Melbourne and fell in love with Air Jordan 4's then started learning about sneaker culture ever since. She also loves Essentials as she likes to dress minimally.
Filipino Sneakerhead and WTAPS Fans: Andrew Baler
Sep 18, 2022
Andrew @werdstyle sneaker obsession started when he was in high school after he got his first Adidas Superstar. He loves every Japanese brand, especially WTAPS! He would love to see collaboration between any global sneaker brands with local brands in the future.
Filipino Sneakerhead and Air Jordan Guy: Ico Lagaya
Sep 13, 2022
Ico @icolagya has been loving sneakers since a young age because his father is also a sneakerhead. He used to be a Yeezy guy but everything changed when pandemic started, where most of his sneaker collections include Air Jordan and Dunks!
Filipino Sneaker Photographer and Podcast Host: Moe Samson
Sep 11, 2022
As a former basketball player, Moe Samson @merklemoeman started obsessed with sneakers because all of his friends and coach wear a cool shoes. He loves sneakers not only because of its amazing design neither the history behind them, but it's motivate him to get better in basketball!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Influencer Couple: JP Arrieta and Alvin Liwanag
Sep 9, 2022
JP and Alvin @aulvinbhvr are Filipino influencer couple who has been started creating content since late 2019, when chunky sneakers was a hype. They are big fan of Balenciaga because its design are futuristic and how they elevate mundane thing is phenomenal!
American Sneaker Photographer: Ron T
Sep 8, 2022
Ron T @solecialskills is an American photographer who takes beautiful photos of sneakers with his iPhone. He started photographing all of his sneaker collection after one of his friends didn't believe he had many collections. One day he wants to have his own collaboration with one of the sneaker brands!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Sneaker Photographer: Duk Maniquis
Sep 6, 2022
Duk Maniquis @dukmaniquis is a Filipino sneaker photographer who always shoots his new pair after unboxing them. He loves to shoot any sneakers with minimalist designs, whether it's Air Jordan, Adidas, or Yeezy.
Australian Sneakerhead and Podcaster: Julian Pauncz
Sep 4, 2022
Julian @kicks_and_craze is an Australian sneakerhead who started loving sneakers after he saw one of his best friends wear OG Reebok. He wants to see a collaboration between Australian sneaker boutiques with big sneaker brands, such as Upthere Store with Saucony!