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Gijs Verheijke
Gijs (pronounced “guys” with a “k”), is the Founder and CEO of Ox Street. Since falling in love with the Nike Air Max silhouette at age 10, he went down an all-too-familiar path of buying way too many shoes. An occasional DJ and low-key music historian, Gijs loves the many different aspects of how ‘culture’ manifests, often through some combination of music, fashion and location. Gijs is an ex- Private Equity investor and Rocket Internet alumnus, where he cut his teeth launching and scaling various marketplace platforms across Asia. Through hunting down a coveted pair of kicks while in Myanmar - he realised there was a gap in the sneaker ecosystem across South East Asia, a growing segment powered by the region’s ravenous growth in digital networks and an increasing wave of online commerce. Gijs alongside everyone at Ox Street, is excited for the future of streetwear in the region and we’ve only just begun.
Custom Sneaker Designer Disha Khatwani
Oct 11, 2021
Disha Khatwani is a Branding Creative and sneaker customer living in Singapore. She takes inspiration from the things she loves, mostly food!
Our top hacks to wear sneakers with shorts like the icons
Jun 8, 2022
With most of us in Asia knowing only 2 seasons: hot, and even hotter, shorts are a necessity. But you still want to flex on everyone else on your way to meet your friends, right? We team up with top stylist Joey (@unknownpleasurers / @joeyhysteric) to bring you our best outfit tips and tricks to rock your favorite sneakers better with shorts. So without further ado, read on! And don’t forget your socks.
Top 5 easy ways to elevate your Air Jordan outfits
Sep 7, 2021
For most of us sneakerheads, our primary addiction is obviously kicks. It can be common to see sick sneakers being worn in bad fits, and to elevate Asia’s style game we embark on a series of outfit hacks to elevate your outfits.
How A Rebellious Subculture Made The Air Max The Unofficial Sneaker of A Small Country
Apr 13, 2022
When we think of the origins of sneaker culture, we usually think of Hip Hop or basketball. We might also think of skateboarding, graffiti, and of course Punk culture. At the end of the 80s, influences from Punk, Old School Hip Hop alongside the UK Acid House scene spawned a unique subculture in the Netherlands, revolving around a unique subgenre of Dance music. We are talking about the 'Gabber' scene, and Hardcore music. The music is known for its distinct distorted kick drum, and for its speed, typically upwards of 180 BPM.
All the OG Air Jordan 1 Colorways Explained
Buying Guides
Jan 19, 2022
Hopefully you've had the chance to enjoy the incredible "The Last Dance" documentary series about Michael Jordan. If you haven’t make sure you check out our earlier post about the story behind Jordan's rise as a basketball star and sneaker magnate. Today in this article we list the 15 original Jordan 1 colorways for your convenience.
The Ox Street Authentication process
Buying Guides
May 2, 2022
One of the recurring questions we receive at Ox Street is how we authenticate the sneakers sold through our platform. The key behind authenticating sneakers is having intimate knowledge of the real product. Building 'an eye for it' through experience is obviously important, but there is no substitute to a detailed comparison with the real thing. If you look at a structured set of key elements, making sure they ALL line up with what the real deal looks like, you will be able to sniff out even the best fakes.