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Hapsari Listya
An ailurophile who loves bake cookies and listen to indie music!
Emel Muharrem - Australian Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 26, 2023
Emel @emelseck fell in love with sneakers in 2016, with Sean Wotherspoons pairs being her forever favorite sneakers. She's living her sneaker-collecting philosophy of "quality over quantity"; hence she's always wearing her kicks instead of only keeping them in a clear box!
Poko - Thai Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 24, 2023
Poko @katoh_poko7 was drawn into sneakers after watching some of his favorite athletes wear great sneakers in many tournaments. He prefers to wear comfortable sneakers like Saucony Shadow 6000 or Grid Azura 2000 as he needs to walk a lot during working hours!
Alep Vilour - Malaysian Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 22, 2023
Alep @alepvilour has been inspired to collect sneakers since younger age, and now he has a pretty dope collection that mainly includes bright color pairs. Nike Air Jordan 1 Court Purple 2.0 is his favorite sneaker because he has loved purple since he was a kid.
Celia - Singaporean Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 20, 2023
Celia @celia.lxl fell in love with sneakers nine years ago, and it all started with a pair of white Nike Air Force 1 High. She loves to see sneaker collaboration with high fashion; hence she wants to see Nike collab with Balenciaga one day!
Yunsong He - Australian Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 18, 2023
Yunsong He @sinnerlost started collecting sneakers when he was only 15 years old because he wanted more than unique school uniforms. As an avid fan of Off-White, he wants to get Air Jordan 4 x Off-White 'Sail' soon!
JP Briones - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 16, 2023
Nike SB Dunks and Janoski are why JP @nohypelah started collecting sneakers in 2011. As he's a huge collector of SB Dunks, he wants to see its collaboration with Takashi Murakami someday!
Ariana Daventi - Australian Artist Interview
Jan 14, 2023
Ariana @arianadaventii is an Australian artist who finds it interesting to mix streetwear with high fashion. As she is always on the hunt for minimalistic sneakers, she wants to get Balenciaga's Triple S in each color someday!
Paul Wong - Malaysian Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 12, 2023
Paul @pwong93 got into sneakers eight years ago with New Balance being one of his favorite brands. Currently, he eyeing New Balance 990v2 because it's comfortable and fits his daily outfits!
Marcelyn Yervant - Indonesian Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 8, 2023
Marcelyn @marcelynyervant_ started loving sneakers because of the Air Forces. She's into sneakers because she prefers to wear tomboy outfits instead of girlish ones, yet it still make her look stylish!
Steven Henderson - Australian Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 6, 2023
Steven @sckicks5 has been loving sneakers since he moved to Australia and started photographing his sneaker collection in 2018. For him, collecting sneakers is about making himself feel the best in a fresh pair instead of getting approval from others!
Paul Villena - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 10, 2023
Paul @paulvillena started his sneaker collection with Air Jordan 7 'Bordeaux' back in 2016. He wants to see a collaboration between Kaws and New Balance someday, as he's also a toy collector!
William Ong - Asphalt & Co. Founder Interview
Jan 4, 2023
Basketball is the reason William @william_christopherrr dove into sneaker culture. He's a massive fan of some Japanese designers, such as Hiroki Nakamura, Nigo, and Yohji Yamamoto, as they're able to interpret, then reinterpret their design influences and make it entirely their own.
Iman Elmawey - Australian Painter Interview
Jan 3, 2023
Air Force 1's is the pair that started Iman @imanelmawey's love for sneakers. She's an avid fan of Nike, especially after they recognized her art and worked on a campaign together.
Paolo Quartarone - Australian Sneakerhead
Jan 2, 2023
Paolo @thesolecollector84's sneaker collection grew after he moved to Australia, and now he has around 180 pairs of sneakers. He always buys sneakers that he likes, including the latest hyped sneakers and the weirdest ones!
Nukman Nurhan - Malaysian Sneakerhead Interview
Jan 1, 2023
Air Max 1 is the pair that triggered Nukman @nukmandaboom passion for sneakers. For him, wearing new kicks feels like wearing a crown, and the smell of new shoes is addicting!
Vikkipedia - New Zealand Fashion Youtuber
Dec 31, 2022
Vikki @vikkipedia_org started learning sneaker culture in high school to mingle with cool kids. FILA Disruptors is one of her favorite sneakers because of its comfort and it becomes her daily go-to pair!
Joshua Lopez - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 30, 2022
Joshua @joshuaplopez dove into sneaker culture in high school and loves how sneakers become a conversation starter with anyone. He loves seeing people getting creative with sneaker collaborations/customizations, as it also brings everyone together!
Muhammad Firdaus - Malaysian Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 29, 2022
Firdaus @laws.prayboi has been loving sneakers since a younger age, and his favorite sneaker is Eric Koston x Air Jordan 1 Low SB. He's collecting sneakers because he values the history of the shoe, and it also reminds him about the efforts he got them!
Naufal Hadi - Indonesian Freelance Photographer Interview
Dec 28, 2022
Naufal @mr.wisethetic is an Indonesian who started collecting sneakers after he became a fashion content creator. He loves to match his sneaker collection with monochrome or earth-tone fits!
Leah Poulian - Australian Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 27, 2022
Leah @leahpoulian got drawn into sneakers after she saw an outstanding pair of Nike Air Max 90s in all black with croc detail. You will see the New Balance 530s in her current sneaker rotation because she loves the colorway!
Dalong Ye-Lee - New Zealand DJ Interview
Dec 26, 2022
Dalong @itsdeepsleep has been collecting sneakers since ten years ago and is a big fan of Hiroshi Fujiwara. He has made significant shifts over the past decade to live sustainably, and he only supports small/local, or ethical brands nowadays.
Eugene Cheng - Sneaker Laundry Founder Interview
Dec 25, 2022
Eugene @mona_gene has loved sneakers since he was only 16 years old and used them to express himself. Four years ago, he started his own business; The Sneaker Laundry and has collaborated with popular brands like Nike, Puma, and many more!
Fatin Syahirah Roszizi - Malaysian Skateboarder Interview
Dec 24, 2022
Fatin @fatinsyahirahroszizi ignored her fashion until she started skating, and she has always loved Vans. A great pair of sneakers boost her confidence when skating, and she wants to get a Vans model from Japan as it's hard to get ones in Malaysia!
Nathan Tito - Australian Style Influencer Interview
Dec 23, 2022
Nathan @nathantito is an Australian style influencer who loves classic white sneakers because they can go with any outfit. As someone influenced by the UK luxury streetwear style, he wants to get the Prada Cloudburst Thunder someday!
Joms Jimȇnȇz - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 22, 2022
Joms @wearyourdamnkickz started collecting sneakers back in 2016 with Kobe 11 'Achilles Heel" being his first sneakers. He's a big fan of Jordan and Kobe, and his all-time favorite sneaker is Kobe 6 Grinch!
Nikita Iyer - Australian Sneaker Customizer Interview
Dec 21, 2022
Growing up in three different countries and the mindset that every sneaker is art makes Nikita, @theofficialkita, always have the idea to customize every sneaker she owns. As she admires Aleli May, she wants to get Aleali May x Women’s Air Jordan 14 Retro Low SP 'Fortune' someday!
Dan Valmocena - Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 20, 2022
Dan @breakfastboyyy still remembers the excitement he got when he saw Lebron 3s. As he's an avid fan of Nike, he wants to see the collaboration between its brand and Kanye happen again someday!
Andy Pang - Malaysian Sneaker Photographer Interview
Dec 19, 2022
Andy @andypangphotography's sneaker obsession began after he was introduced to the New Balance 990v5. He's an avid fan of New Balance because of its iconic grey color, and his holy grail sneaker is JJJJound x New Balance 992 'Green.'
Elisha Arifin - Australian Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 18, 2022
Jordan 1 Mid Chicagos is the pair that spiked Elisha @elishaarifin's love for sneakers, and she has been expressing her style through them ever since. She's an avid fan of Balenciaga's edgy style and wants to get herself the Balenciaga 'Triple S' soon!
Kobe Dayao - Filipino Basketball Anchor Interview
Dec 17, 2022
Kobe @kobedayao has been collecting sneakers in high school and the excitement of getting a new pair has never changed. Nike is one of his favorite brands because of its nostalgia, innovation, and social responsibility, which is barely seen in other brands!
Shawn Hung - Singaporean DJ Interview
Dec 16, 2022
Shawn @its.me.brizzy was drawn into sneakers after seeing his classmate wear the Nike SB Heineken, yet his first pair is Nike AF1 'Bobbitto.'He would love to see a collaboration between Neighbourhood and New Balance, as they have very similar creative directions.
Mik Tabimina - Filipina Fashion Stylist Interview
Dec 15, 2022
Inspired by K-pop and J-pop cultures, Mik @miktabimina started wearing bright funky printed Converse Chucks and Ecko Reds in high school. As someone who does a lot of outdoor activities, she's always on the hunt for comfortable sneakers!
Keat - Keataway Founder Interview
Dec 14, 2022
Keat @zhengkeat_ho still remembers the moment he discovered the Yeezy Pirate Black and has become interested in sneaker culture ever since. As the Keataway founder, he wants to introduce inspirational and innovative apparel that makes people feel empowered and confident!
Franchesca Isabela - Filipina Basketball Athlete Interview
Dec 13, 2022
Being a basketball athlete makes Franchesca @frnkieee always on the hunt for comfortable sneakers. She loves Nike, Jordan, and Titan, as those brands produce quality merch backed up by science and history!
Elaine - Singaporean Digital Creator Interview
Dec 12, 2022
Started collecting sneakers in 2014; Elaine @yeelaine_ obsessed more with sneakers after Y-3 came up with Qasa. Wearing new kicks always makes her feel like the most incredible person in the room, and she wants to collab with sneaker brands someday!
Nica Reyes - Filipina Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 11, 2022
Nica @ninafromanila has been into sneakers since high school, and she always saves up her daily allowance to get her dream sneakers. She's a big fan of Kanye because of his minimalistic design and comfort on Yeezy Slides and Foam Runners!
Hans Awalluddin - Malaysian Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 10, 2022
Hans @hansawalluddin is one of the Malaysians who fell in love with Puma x Ader Error RS 100 and has started collecting sneakers ever since. As a sneaker lover, he never stops hunting for comfortable pairs such as Yeezy 350 and Balenciaga 'Speed Trainers!'
Jethro Ferrer - Filipino Photographer Interview
Dec 9, 2022
Jethro @saint.emilio_ was one of the kids who was heavily influenced by the Janoski's, Roshe Runs, and Supra's era but he couldn't cop a pair during that time. Fortunately, it didn't stop his love for sneakers and clothes!
Edsell Losloso - Filipino Freelance Photographer Interview
Dec 7, 2022
Edsell @sellepogs has loved sneakers since he was a kid and has admired skateboarders. He loves Nike Dunks because of its colorways, and it also portrays people's personalities uniquely!
Khalisha-Armani Ashik - Australian Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 8, 2022
Having a dad as a Michael Jordan fan influenced Khalisha @miss.helllcat wore Jordans during her basketball career. She's a big fan of Virgil Abloh as his mindset was so futuristic, and he will always be a trendsetter for fashion culture, past, and present!
Raihanah - Singaporean Sneakerhead Interview
Dec 6, 2022
Raihanah @raihanahmzln didn't collect sneakers until she started dating her fiance, who's a sneakerhead and they love to match outfits and shoes since then. She loves to see any sneaker customizations where people get creative with their sneakers and make them even more unique!
Nikki Puzon: Filipino-American Digital Creator Interview
Nov 11, 2022
Fashion and design history plays a big role in Nikki @nikkimania's sneaker-collecting journey. She loves matches her sneakers with Chanel or Hermes accessories - her favourites brands!
Raziq Haikal - Malaysian Sneaker Photographer Interview
Nov 6, 2022
Raziq @raziq.95 has been photographing his sneaker collection since Covid-19 hit the world. He loves to show his Nike and Jordan collections on social media because those brands have aesthetic and classic vibes!
Favrizal - Indonesian Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 4, 2022
Started his sneaker collection in high school, Favrizal @fvrzl, never stops obsessed with bulky shoes like Yeezy 700 or Balenciaga. Besides bulky shoes, he loves to collect sneakers that collaborated with many well-known brands or public figures.
Iqra - British Digital Creator Interview
Nov 2, 2022
Married to sneakerhead makes Iqra @styledinsepia, fall in love more with sneakers. Besides she loves Air Jordan 1 because of the beautiful silhouettes, she also loves Yeeyzs because of its comfort!
Deanna Chao - American Chinese Digital Creator Interview
Oct 30, 2022
Having many close friends who are into sneakers made Deanna @dlooww, realized she's also obsessed with sneakers and start collecting many pairs after getting her first payment. Besides sneakers completing her outfit, everyone around her also compliments her looks which boosts her confidence!
Roi Leo Arevalo: Filipino Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 13, 2022
Couldn't afford Jordan 1s during college, doesn't stop Roi @roileyooow, obsessed with sneakers - especially after his sister gave him the Jordan 1 Mid Triple White. He was skeptical about Yeeyzs because of its design, but everything changed after he got his Foam Runner and realise its super comfortable shoes!
Julian Ieyva - Filipino Sneaker Photographer Interview
Oct 28, 2022
Jordan 1 Strap Grand Purple is the reason Julian @thepukuyscoolpix, obsession with Air Jordan 1 begins. He challenges himself to stick with Air Jordan 1s to create his signature look, thus you will see Jordan 1 Prototype, Brotherhood, Bio Hack, and Wings in his current sneaker rotation.
Julie Ilagan - New Zealand Sneaker Customizer Interview
Oct 27, 2022
After her dad asked Julie @julie.ilagan, to customised his sneakers, she's been addicted to custom her own pairs and even getting some customers worldwide. She loves custom sneakers because it gives new "life" to aged pairs and everyone can value their pairs even more!
Italian Sneaker Photographer: Riccardo Massut
Oct 26, 2022
Nike Presto Off-White is the reason Riccardo @rikymst, obsessed with sneakers since 2017. As a sneaker photographer, taking pictures of his new pairs is part of the unboxing ritual that makes him excited!
Filipino Sneaker Customizer: Paul Tan
Oct 25, 2022
Obsessed with custom every pair, Paul @1985xmnl's passion for sneakers has been growing since he got his first basketball shoe at a young age. His childhood is what inspires him behind every customed sneaker and others find it truly sentimental!
Psalm Alfafara: SNK ATK Co-Founder
Oct 19, 2022
Psalm @drift.r, is the co-owner of SNK ATK, a Philippines clothing brand which focuses on technical fabrics and futuristic design. His love for sneakers has been growing since he got first Jordan, the OG Air Jordan 6 Maroon when he was only in 5th grade!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Lawyer: Jech Tiu
Oct 14, 2022
The hiphop and MTV's era inspired Jech, @jechtiu started his sneaker collecting journey ever since. He loves what Joe Freshgoods, Salehe Bemburry, and Bape do and always finds their designs polarizing!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Film Director: Ivan Pasia
Oct 13, 2022
Ivan @_ivanpasia, is a Filipino film director who always likes monochromatic colours and he started his sneaker collection with Jordan 1 Retro High Twist. As a Michael Jordan big fan, he wants to get Jordan 1 Chicago's 1994 someday because of the history behind the pair!
Singaporean Sneaker Photographer: Yap Sheng Yi Darrell
Sep 29, 2022
Darrell @darrell.yy loves to photograph his sneakers as his coping stress, yet it leads him to sneaker culture and works with an international premium lace company. He loves Sacai Vaporwaffle because of its comfort and outstanding design!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Baller: Jarvis Santos
Oct 8, 2022
Growing up seeing his uncle and friends play basketball, Jarvis Santos @jah.bong was inspired to become the best basketball player in his team ever since. He always feels like a kid opening a Christmas present whenever get a new kicks even after he collecting sneakers for years!
Australian Sneakerhead and Content Creator: Jeremiah Espiritu
Oct 2, 2022
Started collecting sneakers since 2017, Jeremiah @jespiritu_ following sneaker game as not for the hype, but because he loves to make new friends along the way. As he loves neutral tones, he also loves to match his sneakers with loose fitting cargos or jeans with an oversized tee!
Derrick Narciso - Filipino-Australian Sneaker Photographer Interview
Nov 1, 2022
Derrick @shoezen.one sneaker obsession started a while back in 1987, where he fell in love with the OG Air Max 1 in University Red. One day he wants to get Air Jordan 1 Chicagos with Michael Jordan's signature!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Dancer: Dunhill Mark Cantos
Sep 27, 2022
After his mom bought him the Air Jordan 1 High, DM @dunhillmcantos couldn't stop collecting sneakers ever since. As a dancer, he always prioritizes comfort when choosing a pair as you can see Air Jordan 1 Gore-Tex and Nike Dunk Low Retro White Black Panda in his current rotation.
American Sneakerhead and Bruce Lee Fan: @swagoforegon
Sep 14, 2022
@swagoforegon started obsessed with sneakers after he talked about sneaker culture with his friends back in 2010/2011. He loves everything about Bruce Lee, thus he always matches his sneaker collection with its apparel!
Australian Sneaker Photographer: Chris Caporaso
Sep 15, 2022
Chris Caporaso @chrisc.jpg is an Australian sneaker photographer who got his fair pair from his grandparents. He loves to shoot any sneakers with nice details, and Air Max 1 Atmos Elephants is one of them.
New Zealand Sneakerhead and Digital Creator: @jazzygxrl
Aug 25, 2022
@jazzgxrl is a New Zealand sneakerhead who has been loving sneakers since her grandpa took her to Footlocker. Aleali May is her big inspiration and someday she wants to have her own collaboration with Nike!
Austrian Sneaker Photographer: Michael Kreyer
Aug 24, 2022
Michael Kreyer @michaelkreyer is an Austrian photographer with a deep passion for sneakers. If he could wear one pair regularly in his entire collection, it would be the Vans Old Skool Black pair.
Indonesian Sneakerhead and Content Creator: Winny Gunawan
Aug 23, 2022
Winny Gunawan @winnygunawan started loving sneakers in high school because they suit her style and are easy to travel in. She is currently working on a family business with her cousins and focusing on collecting Air Jordans.
New Zealand Sneakerhead and Photographer: Marco Stander
Aug 22, 2022
The Jeremy Scott Adidas sneakers really got Marco Stander @marco.stander interested in sneakers and fashion as a whole growing up. From New Zealand, he loves photography and styling items or clothing to express his style and personality. His favorite sneakers are the Prada Cloudbust and his dream sneakers are the Air Jordan 4 Retro "Black Cats".
Singaporean Sneaker Artist and ABSNC Founder: Jeranne Ang
Aug 21, 2022
Jeranne Ang @jeranne.a is a Singaporean sneaker artist/customiser and founder of Absence (ABSNC - streetwear apparel and sneakers). She hopes to become a designer for bigger brands in the future, and champions sustainability in fashion.
Malaysian Sneakerhead and Adidas Lover: Solah Idris
Aug 19, 2022
Solah Idris @solahidris_ is a Malaysian sneakerhead whose sneaker passion grew after he saw Converse Chuck 70. Unlike another sneakerhead, he prioritizes comfort over hype when cop a pair!
Indonesian Sneaker Photographer and Air Force 1 Fan: Charles Jhonson
Aug 20, 2022
Charles Jhonson @johnscj is an Indonesian sneaker photographer who wasn't interested in sneakers until he saw the Flyknit Racer series. He loves what Teddy Santis does with New Balance, hence he keeps many New Balance pairs in his current rotation!
German Sneakerhead and Content Creator: Julian Held
Sep 12, 2022
Having a sneakerhead friend has made Julian @julianhld obsessed with sneakers since in the middle of 2016. Although his two pair sneakers are Adidas, still his sneaker favourite brand is Nike because they are the most flexible and most imaginative brand!
American Sneakerhead Mom and Shoe Costumizer: Noe Brewster
Sep 28, 2022
Noe @noebrewster is a sneakerhead mom of four who loves to customize her sneakers since her younger age. She's a big fan of Nike because its designs are so stylish and the collaboration is always outstanding, hence she wants to have her own collaboration with Nike someday!
DG Hoops Founder: David Giongco
Sep 3, 2022
David @dghoop is the DG Hoops founder who dedicated his life to basketball. Beside being a basketball athlete, he also worked many times with big brands such as Under Armour and Eastbay. Recently, Stephen Curry also noticed his works!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Creative Director: Jonas Adriel
Aug 30, 2022
Jonas @rieldgreat was drawn into sneakers culture after he got his Air Jordan 12 Cherry when he was only 6 years old. Even though Virgil Abloh has passed away, he wants to see a collaboration between Kith and Off-White because both of those brands make the best sneakers!
Filipino Sneakerhead and Air Jordan 1 Guy: Ayem Em Pastor
Aug 26, 2022
Ayem @ayemem23 started collecting sneakers after he got first job and Jordan 1 Breds/Banned is the one which triggered his sneaker obsession. As an Air Jordan 1 Guy, he wants to see a collaboration between Sean Wotherspoon and Air Jordan.
South African Sneakerhead and Air Jordan 1 Girl: Thumeka Moletsane Henkeman
Sep 19, 2022
White Converse Jack Purcell 3 Strap Velco Leather Low Top is the first sneaker that make Tumeka @zelae_summer knew she would have a big sneaker collection one day. As an Air Jordan 1 girl, you would see Air Jordan 1 Lucky Green and Air Jordan 1 Court Purple in her daily sneaker rotation!
Indian Sneakerhead and Sneaker Reseller: Parth Rajgor
Aug 27, 2022
Coming from a middle-class Indian family, Parth Rajgor @parthrajgor couldn't ask his parents to buy him pricey sneakers. When studying abroad in Singapore, he decided to become a sneaker reseller on Ox Street - where he even copped his holy grail sneaker!
Michael Patrick Raymaro Fritsche - Austrian Digital Creator Interview
Nov 10, 2022
Growing up with many friends who play basketball made Michael @_nikemike, love rocking his Jordans. Virgil was one of his favourite designers because all of his designs are gold and gave Jordans a new fresh look!
American Visual Artist and Sneakerhead: Tiffany Nicole
Sep 24, 2022
Growing up in the basketball community, Tiffany @tiffycrazycool always obsessed to get the most comfortable pair with her first sneakers are Retro White and Violet 10s. She likes to match her sneakers with dope nail designs!
British Sneakerhead and Fashion Brand Ambassador: Torbian Dennis
Sep 21, 2022
Dennis @torbian.dns has known sneakers since he started skateboarding, yet he just started collecting sneakers when he was 18 years old. Besides Virgil Abloh, Bad Bunny is one of his big inspirations; where he loves his music and collaboration with Adidas!
Mara Reijnen: Dutch Female Sneakerhead Interview
Nov 14, 2022
Mara @marareijnenn is one of the Dutch female sneakerheads who has been obsessed with sneakers since her high school days, and it was because of the Converse All Stars. She's a big fan of Air Jordan and after three years of collecting sneakers, she has around 40 pairs today!
American Sneakerhead and Podcaster: Tee Leeper
Sep 16, 2022
Tee @teeleeper is an American sneakerhead and podcaster who started loving sneakers because her parents always give her sneakers. One of her biggest memories is when she wore a dress and sneakers for her senior pictures and no one else did that!
German Sneakerhead and Off-White Lover: Maxi Ryl
Aug 8, 2022
Maxi Ryl @mxi_ryl fell in love with sneakers after he copped Nike x Off White Air Max 97 at the release day. He always adores Virgil Abloh because of all of his designs and it motivates him to start his Instagram journey in 2017.
Australian Sneakerhead and Skater: Celestina Dona
Aug 7, 2022
Celestina Dona @celestina.dona is an Australian sneakerhead and skater who started loving sneakers when she was 10 years old. The Globe Focus Checkers triggered her sneaker obsession and most of her sneaker collection today including Air Jordan 1's.
Dutch Sneakerhead and Restock Ambassador: Ginney Noa
Sep 5, 2022
Ginney Noa @ginneynoa is a Dutch Restock ambassador who fell in love with sneakers after she got her Nike Dunk Low when she was only 10 years old. She would love to see more collaboration between female creators and sneaker brands!
Croatian Sneakerhead and Artist: Katarina
Sep 7, 2022
Katarina @katasplakata has always styled dresses and skirts with sneakers when it wasn't really a thing in her homeland, Croatia. As an Air Jordan girl, she would love to see a collaboration between its brand and Rihanna!
British Sneakerhead and Nike Lover: Sophnsneakers
Jul 22, 2022
Soph @sophnsneakers is a British sneakerhead who has been into sneakers since her teenage life. She loves to match her sneakers with oversized tees to complete her sporty look.
Belgian Sneakerhead: Maarten Vanmassenhove
Jul 6, 2022
Maarten Vanmassenhove @mvssn_v is a Belgian sneakerhead who started love sneakers since his mom bought him the Air Jordan 13. Besides collecting sneaker, he loves to collect any art toys!
American Sneakerhead and Swarovski Lover: Peyton Jada
Jul 12, 2022
Peyton Jada @peytonjada sneaker obsession start with pink Nike baby shoe. She's a big fan of Swarovski and her ultimate holy grail sneaker is the Flea Market Dunk.
American Hype-Bae: Damarion Symone
Jul 6, 2022
Damarion developed her sneaker possession from Converse All Star "Chuck Taylor". Sneakers have been boosting confidence ever since and she wants to see sneaker brand collaboration with Chris Brown.
British Sneaker Photographer: Oran Denman
Jul 10, 2022
Oran Denman @oranzy is a British sneaker photographer who's all about streetwear and fashion. Off White and Nike are his favourite brands and his current sneaker rotation include Air Jordan 1 Mid Linen and Air Jordan 1 High Electro Orange.
Hong Kong Personal Trainer and Sneakerhead: Taftu
Jul 10, 2022
Taftu @kidult_halu has been working with New Balance for over seven years and his ultimate holy grail sneaker is New Balance x WTAPS 992. Besides WTAPS, he is also a big fan of Vans.
Hong Kong Product Designer and Sneakerhead: Billy
Jul 13, 2022
Billy @shu6illy is a Hong Kong sneakerhead who's also a product designer. You could see many ASICS pairs in his sneaker rotation as he loves Japanese culture.
Taiwanese Sneakerhead: Louis Lou
Jul 17, 2022
Louis Lu @colorholic_man couldn't forget the moment he saw Air Jordan 7 which sparked his love for sneakers. He started his sneaker collection with Jcrew x New Balance 1998 that he got in 2012.
Hong Kong Sneakerhead: Colby Kwong
Jul 14, 2022
Colby @Colby_HKG started loving sneakers after his sister gave him an Air Jordan. His love for street fashion and local art makes him adore Keith Haring and Takashi Murakami's works.
American Style Influencer and Content Creator: Kinya Claiborne
Jul 5, 2022
Kinya Claiborne @kinyaclaiborne is a style influencer and content creator who's also passionate about sneakers. The pair that triggered her passion was the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG. Some of her favourite brands are Sketchers, ASICS, and New Balance.
Swiss Fashion Enthusiast and Sneakerhead: Céline Kelle
Jul 15, 2022
Céline Kelle @celineprecina is a Swiss sneakerhead who started her sneaker journey with Nike 90 Air Max Patta. She loves Disney and wants to see one of sneaker brands do collaboration with them!
Taiwanese Sneakerhead and University Student: Yunyi
Sep 1, 2022
Yunyi @wvy.607 is a Taiwanese sneakerhead who's currently studying abroad in Australia and has been loving sneakers since he was only 16 years old. His first pair is New Balance 997H and he loves New Balance ever since because its design perfectly matches every outfit!
DNA Show Host: DJ Willingham
Jul 29, 2022
DJ Willingham @dna_show is an American sneakerhead who has been collecting sneaker since 15 years ago. His love for sneakers make him start a Youtube channel, DNA show; which has more than 200K subscribers until now!
American Sneakerhead and Photo Composer: Carlos Jiménez Varela
Jul 23, 2022
Carlos Jiménez Varela @cejimenez is an award-winning photo composer who shows his sneaker obsession through his photos. It all started since his childhood in the 80's where Air Max 1 was a big thing during that time.
Australian Sneaker Mom: Jackie Pettitt
Jul 23, 2022
Jackie Pettitt @vasitii is an Australian sneaker mom who started loving sneakers since tumblr days where many Americans inspired her. Her favourite sneaker brands are Kapital and Visvim because both of them are handmade and use natural dye techniques.
French Fashion Stylist Lycia Lamini
Jul 1, 2022
Lycia Lamini @leecyaa is a French fashion stylist whose love of Michael Jordan inspired her start as a sneakerhead. Her first pair was the Air Jordan Chicago Red and currently she obsessed with Swarovski and Lanvin Curbs crystals