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Hapsari Listya
An ailurophile who loves bake cookies and listen to indie music!
American Sneakerhead and Bruce Lee Fan: @swagoforegon
Sep 14, 2022
@swagoforegon started obsessed with sneakers after he talked about sneaker culture with his friends back in 2010/2011. He loves everything about Bruce Lee, thus he always matches his sneaker collection with its apparel!
Australian Sneaker Photographer: Chris Caporaso
Sep 15, 2022
Chris Caporaso @chrisc.jpg is an Australian sneaker photographer who got his fair pair from his grandparents. He loves to shoot any sneakers with nice details, and Air Max 1 Atmos Elephants is one of them.
New Zealand Sneakerhead and Digital Creator: @jazzygxrl
Aug 25, 2022
@jazzgxrl is a New Zealand sneakerhead who has been loving sneakers since her grandpa took her to Footlocker. Aleali May is her big inspiration and someday she wants to have her own collaboration with Nike!
Austrian Sneaker Photographer: Michael Kreyer
Aug 24, 2022
Michael Kreyer @michaelkreyer is an Austrian photographer with a deep passion for sneakers. If he could wear one pair regularly in his entire collection, it would be the Vans Old Skool Black pair.
Indonesian Sneakerhead and Content Creator: Winny Gunawan
Aug 23, 2022
Winny Gunawan @winnygunawan started loving sneakers in high school because they suit her style and are easy to travel in. She is currently working on a family business with her cousins and focusing on collecting Air Jordans.
New Zealand Sneakerhead and Photographer: Marco Stander
Aug 22, 2022
The Jeremy Scott Adidas sneakers really got Marco Stander @marco.stander interested in sneakers and fashion as a whole growing up. From New Zealand, he loves photography and styling items or clothing to express his style and personality. His favorite sneakers are the Prada Cloudbust and his dream sneakers are the Air Jordan 4 Retro "Black Cats".
Singaporean Sneaker Artist and ABSNC Founder: Jeranne Ang
Aug 21, 2022
Jeranne Ang @jeranne.a is a Singaporean sneaker artist/customiser and founder of Absence (ABSNC - streetwear apparel and sneakers). She hopes to become a designer for bigger brands in the future, and champions sustainability in fashion.
Malaysian Sneakerhead and Adidas Lover: Solah Idris
Aug 19, 2022
Solah Idris @solahidris_ is a Malaysian sneakerhead whose sneaker passion grew after he saw Converse Chuck 70. Unlike another sneakerhead, he prioritizes comfort over hype when cop a pair!
Indonesian Sneaker Photographer and Air Force 1 Fan: Charles Jhonson
Aug 20, 2022
Charles Jhonson @johnscj is an Indonesian sneaker photographer who wasn't interested in sneakers until he saw the Flyknit Racer series. He loves what Teddy Santis does with New Balance, hence he keeps many New Balance pairs in his current rotation!
German Sneakerhead and Content Creator: Julian Held
Sep 12, 2022
Having a sneakerhead friend has made Julian @julianhld obsessed with sneakers since in the middle of 2016. Although his two pair sneakers are Adidas, still his sneaker favourite brand is Nike because they are the most flexible and most imaginative brand!