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Jonathan Leong
A.K.A The Cyborg Samurai is the Head of Content & Advisor for Ox Street. His career highlights include branded content & direction work for the likes of Nike / Kobe Bryant, MTV, Tiger Beer and New Balance. Since 2008 he has been behind content & campaigns that have been seen by millions across both traditional & digital platforms. He is also a meme enthusiast and has a satirical blog called The Singaplex
Filipina Fashion Stylist: Flo Trinidad
Oct 21, 2022
Flo's @floriantrinidad has been loving sneakers since a young age because her sneakerhead dad. Martine Ali, Yoon Ambush, and Miyako Bellizzi have inspired her to always give her best in everything!
Sole Machina, The Guys Who Rescue Kicks From The Depths of Crumble Jungle - The Art of Sole Swapping
Aug 23, 2022
Despite the tragic fact that kicks like the Air Max tend to crumble over time, Sole Machina has been researching the art of sneaker restoration, dedicating years into perfecting the process
A Custom Sheng Siong Nike SB Dunk Sneaker Concept
May 5, 2021
Long before the current worldwide situation made supermarkets the panic buying gladiatorial arenas they’ve become - the supermarket was already a cornerstone of modern human existence.
Shang-Chi Inspired Custom Sneaker Concept
Sep 17, 2021
Other than being obsessed with sneakers and streetwear at Ox Street, we’re also big movie buffs. After watching Shang-Chi, we’re in total awe at how MARVEL turns little-known characters such Shang-Chi played by Simu Liu into household names.
The 5 Pivotal Shifts In Society That Made Sneakers A Powerhouse In Everyday Fashion
Jun 14, 2020
In the early parts of human civilization, the sartorial aspects of most societies seemed bent towards major themes that were usually reinforced by the cultural traditions or technological limitations of that era.While most of ancient humanity revolved around a sort of perpetual sword and sandals attire, things started to change gradually with the invention of pants.
How The Converse Chuck Taylors Are Written In The Stars And Shine On Feet
May 29, 2020
On a seemingly uneventful day, an aspiring sportsman by the name of Chuck Taylor showed up at the Converse shoe company to work as a salesman. Facing an uncertain future, he needed a realistic hustle (still within the realm of the sports world) to supplement his pursuit of being a semi-professional basketball player.
Michael Jordan The Last Dance
Dec 1, 2021
In late 1984, Nike released the first Air Jordan shoe to the public. 36 years Later, the Jordan Brand remains a larger than life force in global sneaker culture...