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Ox Street LABS serves as Ox Street's experimental division where we work to advance sneaker culture and creativity via concept projects and collaborations.

Headquartered in Singapore, we seek to be a reflection of the zeitgeist of popular culture and creativity from Asia and beyond, via the lens of contemporary streetwear. We believe that by identifying the people and communities contributing to the creative conversation of contemporary streetwear, fashion, art and design - we can better understand the present and the future.

Ox Street Labs is an experimental label by Singapore based fashion tech company Ox Street that conceptualizes sneakers and streetwear with an eye to global street culture, but firmly rooted in Southeast Asia.

At Ox Street LABS we believe that the discovery and creation of tomorrow's most exciting streetwear creators, brands and projects lies in the melting pot that is collaborative experimentation - which happens to be the core foundation of the leading brands of today. We’re excited for the future of streetwear in the region and we’ve only just begun.

In contemporary sneaker culture, most of the iconic creative projects dominating the ongoing conversation such as the Ben & Jerry Dunks, the MSCHF x Satan Nike Air Max, the 7-11 Dunk Lows - revolve around creative collabs that have all originated from the west.

Coffin meme
Jollibee custom
tiger king
air jordan "mask"
oreo sacai
corona AJ1s
A Custom Sheng Siong Nike SB Dunk Sneaker Concept A New Reliance On Supermarkets
May 5, 2021
Long before the current worldwide situation made supermarkets the panic buying gladiatorial arenas they’ve become - the supermarket was already a cornerstone of modern human existence.
Shang-Chi Inspired Custom Sneaker ConceptPowered By The Legend of the Ten Rings
Sep 17, 2021
Other than being obsessed with sneakers and streetwear at Ox Street, we’re also big movie buffs. After watching Shang-Chi, we’re in total awe at how MARVEL turns little-known characters such Shang-Chi played by Simu Liu into household names.