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Ox Street's mission is to help you simplify the buying and selling of sneakers.

Getting your kicks can be a nightmare, as sneakerheads ourselves we know how hard it can be to acquire or sell your desired kicks. Annoying sellers (or buyers), waiting at a train station for way too long, fielding random requests for unwanted trades, high shipping fees and taxes - are just part and parcel of the minefield across the secondary sneaker market. After facing the above issues and more ourselves, we created Ox Street to allievate this challenge and we’ve been going hard at it ever since. In 2021 we got acquired by Carousell, but to us our story is just beginning. Everyday we’re thinking, how to optimize the consumer experience.


We connect the markets locally, meaning we are often close to 80% faster than international players (days, not weeks)


We guarantee all products are authentic, otherwise you get a full refund


Lower shipping rates to most locations within Asia.


No more dealing with the other side of the table. Just make offers forthe products you want, and sellers will be automatically notified. As a seller, you can see available offers and Sell Now, or list your items for the price you want.

Ox Street is Gen Y and Z's favorite fashion platform in Southeast Asia, focused on sneakers and streetwear. Our mission is to break the old-fashioned boundaries between social, shopping, and gaming in one platform for Gen Z to discover, buy, sell, and flex sneakers and streetwear.

Founded in 2019 to bring trust and safety to the market, our platform offers the greatest selection of sneakers ranging from general releases to rare exclusives. Ox Street became part of the Carousell Group in October 2021, and we are more committed than ever to our mission. Whether you’re buying sneakers, discovering new ones, or selling existing ones, Ox street is your destination. Always guaranteed authentic