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Ox Street delves into the hearts and minds of the modern sneaker collector, we spotlight everyday people – each with their own unique stories and motivations that drive their passion for the game.

People & Their Sneakers: Non-Binary Trinidadian Sneakerhead Nel Schneider
Jun 28, 2022
Nel Schneider @nel.schneider is based in Toronto but was born in Trinidad & Tobago. This shoe lover lives life in color.
Mel Shares How He Became A Nike Air Max Devotee
May 5, 2022
For Mel it all started with a pair of Air Max 1 OG Obsidian. His Air max 1 addiction further escalated when he bought his first grail - The Nike Air max 1 x patta "Chlorophyll.
People & Their Sneakers: Film Assistant Director Shrill Kaji
May 2, 2022
Apart from collecting sneakers, Shrill Kaji is an Assistant Director for the film Chehre, starring Amitabh Bachchan that was released in theatres in India and on Amazon Prime. He was introduced to sneakers by a good friend, and couldn’t stop buying sneakers ever since. His favorite sneakers are the Air Jordan 1 High Tokyo Bio Hack, and dream kicks are the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 High Chicago.
Basketball Enthusiast Michael Fritsche
Apr 12, 2022
Michael Fritsche @_.nikemike is both a sneaker and basketball lover. His passion for sneakers was actually triggered by basketball, specifically with the Jordan 3 White Cement 88 OG – which Michael Jordan was wearing at the time.
Sneaker Youtuber Rogelyn Juan
Apr 10, 2022
Rogelyn Juan is a sneaker Youtuber from the Philippines. Her favorite sneakers are the Nike Dunk High ‘Aluminum’ and her dream sneakers are the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 ‘UNC’ or 'Chicago'.
Fashion Enthusiast Keely Arts
Apr 9, 2022
Keely Arts @keely.arts is a fashion enthusiast as well as a sneaker head. The brand that made her fall in love with sneakers is Fila’s. Jordan 1 Atmosphere Pink, Yeezy Boost 700 Bright Blue, Jordan 4 Lightning, and Puma Cruise Rider in grey are some of the pairs in her current collection.
Nike Lover Mylan Murphy
Apr 6, 2022
Mylan Murphy @motivatedbymylan has been in love with Nike from day 1, which encouraged his avid passion for sneaker collections. In fact, his first pair of sneakers were Jordans, which he completely loved.
New Balance Collector Adrian Daniel
Mar 17, 2022
Adrian Daniel @@mywifeandkicks is a content creator and sneakerhead. He loves collecting New Balance, and the M1300 is his all-time favorite.
Sneakerhead Spouses Glenn and Khay Reyes
Mar 16, 2022
Glenn and Khay Reyes @xox.loveandfashion are spouses who also happen to share a love for sneakers, triggered by the Nike Air Force. Some of their favorite brands include Nike, New Balance, and Jordans.
Action Figure Collector TsaoSuu
Mar 15, 2022
TsaoSuu @h.wh_ has a hobby for collecting action figures, aside from sneakers. The pair that led to his passion for sneakers was the Nike Kobe 5. Some of the brands you’ll see in his collection are New Balance and Converse.
Sneakerhead & Gamer Renato
Mar 10, 2022
@rennie_ds is a sneaker lover as well as a gamer. Asides from his sneaker collections, he also occasionally plays the PS5. Some pairs you’ll see in his collection are Jordan 1s, 4s, Travis Scotts, and the Nike sacai vaporwaffles.
Australian University Student YUNYI
Mar 9, 2022
YUNYI is an Australian university student with an avid passion for sneaker collections. His first pair was New Balance, which he immediately fell in love with - specifically the 5740 variant. His fashion style most resonates with the outdoors.
Nike Dunk Lover Paulina
Mar 9, 2022
Paulina @palinaroza fell in love with the sneakers when she was 14. She is fond of styling and pairing her colorful outfits with Nike Dunks.
Sneaker and Art Lover Megan Foo
Mar 4, 2022
@maegzter is a sneaker and art lover from Singapore, and her favorite silhouette is the Air Jordan 1 both in the High and Low iterations. She loves the timeless, classic colorways like UNC or Mocha, as well as less-seen ones like Biohazard and Brotherhood.
Custom Sneaker Designer Disha Khatwani
Oct 11, 2021
Disha Khatwani is a Branding Creative and sneaker customer living in Singapore. She takes inspiration from the things she loves, mostly food!
Kent Started with Vans And Escalated To Rick Owens
Jul 15, 2021
Kent is a fashion content creator and a photographer on the side. His love for sneakers started with Vans. Back when he was in high school, it was so hard to get Vans anywhere in Indonesia, he even bought my first pair of vans that turned out to be FAKE at Taman Puring. It was a slip-on checkered Vans in a white/brown colorway.
Reebok Lover Ryan Kristoffer Icatar
May 21, 2021
Ryan Kristoffer @ryeicatar is learning both photography and videography at the moment. He sees the entire Reebok brand as underrated and is also an avid fan of New Balance grey 99x models and Adidas Originals.
Malaysian Youtuber FZHD Hafiz
Apr 28, 2021
Malaysian Youtuber and Sneakerhead Hafiz (FZHD) works as an IT Executive in a Banking firm. His love for sneakers started in secondary school when he learnt how to skate and was inspired by the movie "Lord of Dogtown", during the peak of subcultures like breakdancing, graffiti art, and skateboarding.
Rachelle Ruth is The Ultimate Filipina Sneaker Queen
Apr 16, 2021
Her campus crush at the time was a skater so she went to get his attention by wearing skateboard shoes like Vans and Nike’s Janoski. That was when she started to love and collect sneakers.
Nika Higashionna, Model Turned Avid Sneakerhead
Apr 7, 2021
Nika Higashionna was born in Okinawa, Japan and raised in the Philippines. She started out in this industry as a model and used to do fashion weeks and modelling for different brands until she fell in love with sneakers.
Sneaker Curator, Blogger and Youtuber Hans Abdullah
Mar 25, 2021
Hans Abdullah is the co-founder of Madecurate, which is really just a group of guys that loves and sometimes sells expensive sneakers. A huge K-Pop fan, his love for sneakers started from playing video games and customising the clothing of his virtual characters as a kid.
With Singer and Sneaker Collector Zizi Kirana
Mar 24, 2021
Actually a tomboy, singer and sneaker collector Zizi Kirana chooses sneakers over heels any day. Especially after becoming a hip-hop singer, sneakers seem to be the most comfortable, flexible, chic, and stylish choice.
Actor & TV Host Alif Hadi Shares His ‘Skate Sneakers First’ Outfit Philosophy
Mar 5, 2021
He’s been skating for 19 years, and loves fashion that revolves around skateboarding culture. The fact that he wrecked all his skate shoes with a month or two, resulted in him buying sneakers constantly, which birthed his sneaker collecting habit.