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Bag and Sneaker Collector Evelina Staar


Dorothy Field
July 25, 2022

Evelina Staar @Evvestaar fell for sneakers when she was around individuals who had that passion. She admires sneaker culture because of the creativity and inclusivity it gives. Some of the pairs you can see in her collection are the Nike panda dunks, Nike Air Jordan 1 Light Smoke Grey and Nike Air Jordan 1 Snakeskin.

All images via @Evvestaar

What was the moment you first got drawn to sneakers, and which pair of sneakers triggered your passion?

I first got drawn to sneakers when I was around 12-13 years. I was hanging out with a lot of people that already where passionate about sneakers and kept track of any new releases. It was mostly Nike air max 90 back then and was for a very long time.

What’s one moment or trend in the history of sneaker culture that resonates with you?

I don't know that i have a moment but what i do love about the sneaker culture is that is very creative and inclusive. There is something for everyone and if you like to stand out of a crowd the sneakers is a good way to go. Everyone loves a good sneaker!

Please describe how it feels to you when you get and wear a new pair of kicks?

It feels like a birthday when you where a kid!

What are some of your favorite creators/designers or brands and why?

Nike, Louis Vuitton and obviously Ambush (Yoon Ahn) hence the answer for the last question. Virgil Abloh was one of my favorites like for many others. I love Jeremy Scott’s style too. I had a serious adidas period in my life just because of him. I love people that are creative and step outside the norm. I like to stick out!

What is one sneaker collaboration that doesn’t exist, but you wish/think should exist?

I would love a Moschino or Balmain collab with Nike, that would be fire!

What are some of the current pairs of sneakers in your rotation?

Right now, Nike panda dunks, Nike Air Jordan 1 Light Smoke Grey and Nike Air Jordan 1 Snakeskin.

What is your ultimate holy grail sneaker that you have not managed to acquire so far?

Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago off white is a pair that I would love to have.

Other than kicks, what are some of your daily essentials or treasured items?

It must be my bag collection, which I don’t show off on social media that much. I love me some designer and some creative pieces that make a black outfit stand out.

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