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Badrun Zulkafri - Singaporean Sneakerhead Interview


Hapsari Listya
March 11, 2023

The Nike G-Dragon x Air Force 1 '07 'Para-noise' is the pair that sparked Badrun's @badrunnovachrono love for sneakers. He is a big fan of A Ma Maniére and hopes to see a collaboration between the brand and Nike SB Dunk Low in the near future!

What was the moment you first got drawn to sneakers, and which pair of sneakers triggered your passion?

In 2018, I traveled to Japan for my holiday and was impressed by the variety of cool sneakers. However, the black Converse All-Star '100 Katakana' caught my attention the most. I visited several sneaker stores to find it, but it was mostly out of stock in my size. Thankfully, I was able to obtain one. Although it no longer fits me, I still keep it in my collection.

The sneaker that sparked my interest was the Nike G-Dragon x Air Force 1 '07 'Para-noise', released on November 23, 2019. I needed to figure out how to acquire it, so I entered a raffle, hoping to purchase it at retail price. I went to Footlocker and saw the Air Jordan 4 'What The', also released on the same day. It was available in all sizes, so I was able to purchase a pair for myself

After that experience, I began to delve deeper into the world of sneakers and how to purchase them at retail prices. I soon learned that obtaining highly coveted sneakers at the retail price was nearly impossible.

All images via @badrunnovachrono

What’s one moment or trend in the history of sneaker culture that resonates with you?

One sneaker trend that I particularly enjoy is pairing streetwear with sneakers. Living in Singapore, it's not often that we get to wear hoodies due to the humid climate.

I can definitely relate to the disappointment of taking Ls on the SNKRS app. Trying to cop sneakers at retail prices using the app can feel like an impossible task at times.

What are some of the current pairs of sneakers in your rotation?

Currently my rotations are Zion Williamson x Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG 'Voodoo', Union LA x Air Jordan 1 Retro High 'Storm Blue', A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 3 Retro SP 'Raised By Women', Nike Sean Wotherspoon x Air Max 1/97 'Sean Wotherspoon', Nike Travis Scott x Air Max 1 'Saturn Gold' and Union LA x Air Jordan 4 Retro 'Off Noir.'

Please describe how it feels when you get and wear a new pair of kicks?

The excitement I experience when I successfully purchase a pair of sneakers at retail, unbox them, and wear them is beyond words. It inspires me to think of new styles to pair with my fresh kicks!

What is one sneaker collaboration that doesn’t exist, but you wish/think should exist?

A Ma Maniére x Nike SB Dunk Low! Maybe in the near future, this collaboration could exist.

What are some of your favorite creators/designers or brands and why?

I would say it is James Whitner, the founder of A Ma Maniére, as there is always a great story behind every Air Jordan X A Ma Maniére collaboration. The hidden details in every sneaker collection furnish a luxurious touch to each pair, making them unique and cool!

For example, the quilted sock liner and suede material used in this collection elevate the look of the shoes, making it one of my favorite finishing touches, almost as if taking the sneaker to a whole new level.

Specifically, I love sneaker collaborations between Air Jordan, A Ma Maniére, Union LA, and Travis Scott.

What is your ultimate holy grail sneaker you have not acquired so far?

I have always wanted the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 Retro 'Cool Grey'. I hope that one day I will have the opportunity to receive it as a gift or win it in a raffle. It's my dream sneaker!

What are some of your daily essentials or treasured items besides kicks?

That will be my cellphone, wallet, earbuds, watch, backpack, and rings!

Where can people find you on social media?

Instagram: @badrunnovachrono

An ailurophile who loves bake cookies and listen to indie music!