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Sandy Liang Gets Her Very Own Salomon Collection


Adam Cheung
April 24, 2023

Featuring two iconic Salomon silhouettes.

Sandy Liang was born-and-raised in New York City, while Salomon is based in a little town in France. While both of these seem extremely different to one another, the Sandy Liang x Salomon collaboration proves that they're a match made in heaven. Combining Liang's love dainty details with the Épagny Metz-Tessy-based outdoor company's rugged styling, make sure you read on to find out everything that you need to know about this two-shoe collection.

Comprising of the XT-6 Expanse and the RX Moc 3.0, the former is crafted from a "Cradle Pink" mesh, while the latter opts for monochromatic black and white color combination instead. The eponymous label's logo is printed across the insoles of both models, and they're also decorated with anime-inspired flowers for a feminine touch. Underfoot, the ACS midsoles have been updated with extra traction so you can tackle the elements in style.

Image credits: Sandy Liang

"The two’s origins may be worlds apart, but they share an appetite for quality, storytelling and offering unique products. “Salomon and Sandy Liang are both brands that thrive off of our own history," says Liang. "We are not trend-driven and are committed to making great products, figuring out who we are and designing for the moment we are in."

The Sandy Liang x Salomon collection is scheduled to drop on May 5th. Let us know if you'll be adding this to your rotation next month, and in related news, atmos just teased its own Salomon XT-6 collaboration!

Image credits: Sandy Liang
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