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Sneakers For Wedding & Best Styling Tips


Josyula Sanshray
August 15, 2022

Discover the best bridal and dressy sneakers Oxstreet recommends for Weddings, as well as styling tips for a seamless très chic look with bridal/groom wear

Sneakers For Wedding For Brides And Grooms

With the paradigm shift sneaker culture and design has been undergoing since the early 2010s with collab culture, more muted tones and a departure from the hype around the sneakers popularised in the 80s and 90s, we have seen many sneakers that tick all the boxes for a 'wedding sneakers' lable. In the past, many would consider sneakers with a suit or any formal attire a fashion crime, something so henious that celebrities who have tried in the past have been shot down by fashion publications. Even then we saw signs of imminent change, as even these traditionalist men's fashion giants embraced some level of informality with a suit. However, with many younger people now maturing and getting married, cultures around wedding attire have changed to embrace the wild world of sneakers as an integral part of what makes a momentous occasion that much more special.

via Nike

How to wear a wedding dress with sneakers

Wedding dresses and gowns can be rather tricky stylistically to pair up with sneakers. The tone of grandeur, coupled with a mismatch in materials and tones, makes finding sneakers to pair with a long flowy dress or a classy gown can be a cumbersome affair. Luckily here are a few tips that can be used to make the process a fair bit easier. There are 2 criteria that come into play when choosing dressy sneakers.

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Sneaker Silhouttes

Choosing the right type of sneaker is especially important when it comes to making bridal wear work with a slightly neo-unorthodox stylistic choice of clashing the informality of sneakers with the grandeur of a long, flowy and not to mention heavy, dress. When wearing a light summer gown, the weight of the sneaker should compliment the visual weight of the dress, and as a result skinnier low cut sneakers are the obvious option. For more traditional types of wedding dresses, chuckier high tops or even just visually imposing sneakers like the Air Jordan 1 Highs or Yeezy 700 V2 can help you pull off a wedding dress with sneakers more seamlessly. There are many more sneakers that accomplish the goal of visual weight balance and will be discussed in greater detail later on.

via Nike

Materials and Tones

Not only does the Sihoutte matter, but when it comes to dressy sneakers for a wedding, materials can make or break your look. Due to the subdued tones and elegance of many wedding dresses flashy colours that pop and glossy materials may not be the best way to go. A perfect example of how colours can work in your favour is through the A Ma Maniére Jordan 3s. These women exclusive sneakers have made waves for their creative take on the classic Jordan 3, using short hair suede, aged midsoles and accents of a dark mauve paint to create a classy yet subdued sneaker in line with the maisons aesthetic. When it comes to dressy sneakers, you cannot possibly go wrong with these and your favourite white gown.

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Sneaker Recommendations for Brides

As mentioned above, there are a few silhottes and styles that make great choices for your next wedding sneakers. We have rounded up some of our favourites for every look under the sun. Some subdued, while some more crazier than others.

Air Jordan 1 A Ma Maniére
via HypeBeast

This specific pair of Jordan 1s makes our list for many of the same reasons as its the Jordan 3 dressy sneaker counterpart. Notes of a brown/mauve, short hair suede uppers and a hit of snake skin gives these sneakers a feel more akin to luxury. These also can stand out on the feet, but will not overshadow your entire outfit if you play your cards right.

Air Jordan 5 'Shattered Backboard'
via Nike

These offer a slighty less luxurious yet more rebellious take on a wedding sneaker. By no means is this 'dressy', yet at the same time is tame enough to add just the right amount of personality with its smooth leather creamy upper, and a striking orange midsole. These are a great option for a Jordan History Buff looking to add just the right amount of pizaaz and historic significance to his or her special day, hoping the marriage would be as smashing as the Backboard that got dunked on by MJ.

G-Dragon x Kwondo 1 'Triple White'
via Nike

Now this is what we call a true dressy sneaker. Ever since John Donahoe formerly took over as Nike's CEO, the number of fresh new silhouttes that have been coming out have increased, but despite previous AF1 collaborations with G-Dragon's Peaceminusone we could have never seen the release of these Nike Kwondos from a mile away. Nike's first public release 'dressy' sneaker was received with critical acclaim due to how they played off this early concept by Tom Sachs. We think their cowboy boot (yet seemingly korean) aesthetic were truly made to go with your wedding attire.

Wedding sneakers for grooms & groomsmen

Many of the same fashion sensibilites that women are bound by in the current fashion season are also ones that men must uphold, yet men have an easier time making sneakers work with a suit due to how suits can wary diversely in their weight and intended purpose. Avoiding tacky colourblocking remains a key consideration, yet with the rise of Balenciaga and Off-White encorporating pleasure and business casual in their collections, the options are truly limitless. Here are a few of the wedding sneakers we think can work well with a sharp buttoned up suit.

Air Jordan 11 Concord
via Sneaker News

When it comes to wedding sneakers, the Jordan 11 Concords do defy convention by way of being a next generation high perfromance basketball shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield for the sole purpose of giving MJ even more return on his vertical in games. However, there is no one better than MJ when it comes to taking styling inspiration from when styling his very own shoes, and he has outdone himself once again. He was spotted wearing his Concord 11s to his brother-in-laws wedding, paying homage to the trend of wearing a not so dressy sneaker to a formal event.

New Balance 550 'Aimé Leon Dore'
via New Balance

Up until very recently the NB 550s were unable to find a voice in a market filled with Jordans and Yeezys. But, with New Balance leaning into both the collab hype culture and a love for the urban vintage aesthetic popular from the late 80s, the Aimé Leon Dore collab has made waves in this sneaker climate. It naturally then gains a recommendation from us due to having both cultural credence and being a silhoutte that can be both dressed up or dressed down depending on colourway.

Can you wear sneaker to a wedding?

With shifting preceptions about fashion and younger people reaching the age of marriage, societal acceptance towards clashing informality brazenly with a formal affair is starting to become more and more acceptable (some may argue it is even being encouaraged). The pivotal shifts in daily fashion coupled with how major new players in the fashion industry like Off-White and Balenciaga are gaining critical acclaim for their 'Bussiness Casual' approach has made wearing sneakers in formal settings acceptable. Societal expectations aside, perhaps you and your significant other value to role sneakers play in your lives as sneakerheads, and therefore deem their envolvement in your special day crucial. Much like how many athletes have their lucky pair that they swear by, the sneaker you wear and remember wearing for your wedding will also be a token of your marriage and union. Sneakers are facets in which precious memories can be stored, and despite the scornful look we may get for how out of place they can be it is ultimately up to us to decide how we cherish memories. So be it your role as the host or the guest, wearing your sneakers to your wedding not only immortalises the significance of marriage, but serves as a momento to look back on fondly and cherish.

Josyula is a Singapore based bedroom DJ, Photographer, and Sneaker Collector. He loves all things culture and music, and writes in-depth articles on sneaker culture in Asia.