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Josyula Sanshray
Josyula is a Singapore based bedroom DJ, Photographer, and Sneaker Collector. He loves all things culture and music, and writes in-depth articles on sneaker culture in Asia.
Sneakers For Wedding & Best Styling Tips
Aug 15, 2022
Discover the best bridal and dressy sneakers Oxstreet recommends for Weddings, as well as styling tips for a seamless très chic look with bridal/groom wear
Jun 22, 2022
The Blue Box era was all about various urban tribes and concept elaborations. Although the current market may only value a few hype Dunks from this era (mostly because of Travis Scott), these Dunks are undeserving of going back into obscurity. Todd Bratrud’s visionary thinking, simplicity and minimalism is a throwback of the early days of the dunk, and a welcome sight in today’s climate in which over the top hype is the name of the game.
New Year Jordan Countdown : The Jordan 10
May 4, 2021
The Air Jordan 10 might not be one of the most beloved kicks when it comes to signature Jordans, but after watching a decade of MJ’s greatness, this shoe wrapped things up on a good note. In the 10 years that followed it, not only did Michael Jordan set more records, he changed the popularity of basketball on a global level.
New Year Jordan Countdown : The Jordan 5
Dec 28, 2021
Back in 1990, the design of the Air Jordan 5 was far beyond the realm of what sneakers were back then. Much like the 3s and 4s, Tinker Hatfield displayed his design eclecticism by taking inspiration from various sources. Which is part of the reason why even 30 years later, the 5s remain a top pick for one of the best signature Jordans.